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Open Access: Promises and Challenges of Scholarship in the Digital Age


The Internet has made Open Access publication – the free distribution of scholarly work – a powerful possibility for scholars, administrators and publishers alike. Leslie Chan takes an in-depth look at the potential benefits, and looming challenges, facing this new approach to knowledge dissemination.

"The Vanishing Physician-Scientist?" - book cover

Are Physician-Scientists a Vanishing Breed?


Their research builds on the lived experience of patients and the ethical issues created by patient care in a complex, highly technological medical system. What is needed to save them? Andrew. L. Shafer, Vanishing Physician-Scientist? (Cornell University Press, 2009)

"Tapping the Riches of Science" - book cover

The Entrepreneurial University


A look at some institutions are coping with having to balance their traditional commitment to learning, basic research and community outreach with a demanding technology transfer mission. Roger L. Geiger and Creso Sá, Tapping the Riches of Science: Universities and the Promise of Economic Growth (Harvard University Press, 2009)