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The Many Shades of Misconduct: Falsifying Academic Credentials


In today’s increasingly competitive job market, applicants for faculty and administrative positions in Canadian post-secondary institutions may be tempted to put more than their best foot forward by falsifying academic credentials.

Art School (Propositions for the 21st Century) - book cover

Ethics of Knowledge: Education, Trans-Disciplinarity and Subjectivity


While the specific practices of art schools concern the author, the lessons should concern any academic who questions the ethics of knowledge production, transmission, and application. A review of Steven H. Madoff, ed ., Art School:Propositions for the 21st Century (MIT Press, 2009)

Newfoundland coastal scene

Poems in Newfoundland Time


Dr. Judith P. Robertson is a retired professor from the University of Ottawa who currently finds pleasure reading, writing and painting on the Southern shore of Newfoundland.