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Editorial Matters – Reflections


With this issue, my editorship of Academic Matters comes to a close. Endings also herald new directions as the editorship passes to Graeme Stewart, who skilfully manages communications for the journal’s publisher—the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations (OCUFA). Now would seem a good time to reflect on what has transpired since Academic Matters began […]

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Living Publicly on Campus: Social Media and Its Discontents


There’s little point in adopting a reactionary approach to the pervasive use of social media on campus. Members of the university community are deciding how social media works on campus, and they will work through the problems as they arise.

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Collective Bargaining and Campus Bedrooms


University administration proposals dealing with personal relationships have had more to do with control over, and performance management of, faculty members than with concerns about equity and harassment.

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Hot for Teacher: Rethinking Education’s Sexual Harassment Policies


Sexual harassment policies assume that teachers have power and students don’t, argues Michelle Miller. Such policies risk outlawing consensual relationships that are “delicious, frightening, unruly” and just might reflect the excitement, even eroticism, of learning.

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Policing Professors


The nature of the current push to police the lives of professors and students provides a salutary lesson about unintended consequences.