False Allegations of Sexual Harassment: Misunderstandings and Realities


Since sexual harassment can be in the eye of the beholder, only evidence that meets civil standards of proof, argues a university complaints investigator, can fairly decide what happened.

Why is there a great concern about false allegations of sexual harassment (or other forms of harassment) when few formal complaint investigations result in findings of false allegations? Simply put, the stakes are high. There may be negative impacts on career and reputation. Potential job loss or discipline is a reality. The stress, time, effort, frustration, and financial cost take a toll on the parties. Establishing the basis for a complaint, or defending against allegations,
particularly if this entails proving a negative—that something did not happen when it is alleged it did—is often a difficult and lengthy process. The embarrassment and emotions attached to allegations and evidence can undermine even the strongest individual.

As an investigator of hundreds of complaints I have seen much confusion and many misconceptions about false allegations. Using illustrations from university settings and popular culture, this article explains and clarifies what is and is not a false allegation, contrasts false allegations with allegations that are not proven (not substantiated) following an investigation, and discusses some important considerations when dealing with allegations of sexual harassment.

Don’t think of allegations as being “true” or “false”

It is simplistic and unhelpful to frame allegations as “true” or “false”. Doing so leads to confusion and misunderstandings. Here’s why. An allegation is a statement of belief that some wrong or harm has occurred. For example, a student alleges that a professor has sexually harassed her; she believes the professor has crossed the line into behaviour that is illegal, contravenes the university’s policies, is unacceptable, and harms her (her learning, her grade in the course, her completion of the course, academic references, her comfort level with the faculty member, her academic or personal reputation, etc.).

Allegations of sexual harassment (or, indeed, of other types of harassment, such as racial harassment, bullying, homophobia, or psychological harassment) will—following a fact-finding investigation—either have merit or not. Merit is determined through a proper investigation: a fact-finding process aimed at clarifying and assessing the issues raised by the allegations. Complaints investigators do this by gathering evidence relevant to the allegations and assessing this evidence against established standards of what constitutes sexual harassment. These standards have evolved over the years through decisions of courts, human rights administrative tribunals, and arbitrators, and are informed by research and policy development. Credibility of the parties is also assessed.

If the allegation has merit it will be substantiated by the evidence. If it does not, it will not be substantiated. In a few instances, a determination of “unable to substantiate” may apply, if the investigation has not been able to find evidence persuasive either way, often the result of a lack of any evidence (direct or similar fact) which might shed light on the matter.

true or false?What is a “false allegation”?

In sexual harassment investigations, a false allegation is one the complainant brings knowing that what is alleged did not occur and, therefore, could not constitute sexual harassment. Malice may or may not exist. Generally, we consider fabrications to be false allegations.

However, be careful not to define lying as a false allegation. While popular discourse may equate false allegations with lies, not all lies are false allegations. For example, a complainant may not disclose relevant facts owing to shame, embarrassment, fear, mental illness, or simple mistake. While this may undermine the complainant’s credibility, it does not in itself make the allegation a fabrication. For example, let us say a complainant (an administrative staff member) does not disclose the fact that he engaged in kissing and sexual behaviour with the alleged harasser (a professor) or that such behaviour was consensual in the early days of their intimate relationship. However, this “lie” (lack of full disclosure) does not necessarily mean his allegations of subsequent sexual harassment by the faculty member are false.

The aim of an investigation

A proper investigation ensures that the fact-finding process—including the identification, gathering and assessment of evidence—is fair, objective, and thorough. It answers two questions: Did it (what is alleged) occur? And if it did, what is the significance of it? In other words, is it sexual harassment?

A superficial understanding of harassment is inadequate, and a superficial analysis based merely on the complainant’s prima facie case, or focussing on subjective impressions, is insufficient. The totality of the evidence must be assessed to determine whether specific behaviours constituted sexual harassment—or something else, such as interpersonal conflict, miscommunication, unprofessional behaviour, or potential criminal behaviour, such as sexual assault or criminal harassment (stalking). An evidence-based process is fundamental to a careful, objective, and thorough analysis using the required “balance of probabilities” that is the civil standard of proof.

Not proven (not substantiated) does not mean a false allegation

An investigation may conclude that allegations are unsubstantiated by the evidence for any number of reasons, none of which relate to fabrication or false allegations. For example, Faculty Member A may allege sexual harassment by Faculty Member B. The allegation is not proven. Person A may misunderstand what is defined as sexual harassment; for example, the jokes told or the comments made by B are inappropriate but do not constitute sexual harassment. Person A may not have accurately identified who made the comments; therefore, the allegation made about Person B is not substantiated. Person A may not have accurately or completely identified the comments or the context in which the comments were made. Or, the comments were made, but the evidence shows that the conduct was mutual, and Person B could not reasonably know her or his comments were unwelcome. Or, a single event is complained of—Person B shows Person A a YouTube video of women swimming naked—yet the investigation concludes that this single event is not sufficiently severe (or, perhaps, sexual) to be considered sexual harassment. Keep in mind that any of these examples may indicate that inappropriate or unprofessional conduct occurred, but it does not fit the definition of sexual harassment.

Don’t assume a complainant’s prima facie case is sufficient proof of harassment

Essentially, a prima facie case of sexual harassment exists when a complainant’s allegations, on the face of it, appear to have all the elements of sexual harassment. While the onus is first on the complainant to make out a prima facie case (before the onus shifts to the alleged harasser to respond to the allegations), the prima facie case does not in itself create proof of substantiation.

As noted earlier, whether the complaint has merit will be determined through a fact-finding process. Too often people quickly and inappropriately rush to judgment, declaring harassment exists before the facts are known, the evidence is assessed, and a proper determination is made. The college-based play Oleanna illustrates this. Indeed, David Mamet’s controversial play is sometimes referred to as a he-said-she-said sexual harassment story. It is also considered to be a play about false accusations of sexual harassment.

lawWritten in the early 1990s and still performed today, Oleanna prompts us to interpret the dialogue, tone and body language of John, a professor in his mid-forties, and Carol, his student. Over three provocative acts, the play may enrage audience members as they empathize with either character, or both, or neither. Or, it may challenge us to unpack an unhealthy brew of sexual harassment (or inappropriate behaviour? or rape?), unclear communication, partisan perceptions, and strong emotions, as well as issues of power, gender, class, and age. We struggle with what appears to be the male (and professorial?) privilege of John and the awakening feminist (and mob?) analysis by Carol.

But is it sexual harassment? Are these false allegations? As an investigator I am intrigued and frustrated by the play. It presents prima facie evidence of “something”—possibly of sexual harassment, maybe of assault, probably of abuse of power (by the professor? the student? the tenure committee?), certainly of unclear communication and mixed (misguided? malicious?) motives. As theatre it is enormously effective, as it places us in the role of judge and jury but without the benefit of fact-finding and analysis. We overlay our own subjective impressions on those of the prime characters. As an attempt to discover the truth and deliver fairness, justice, or equity it fails miserably—and that may be why it makes good theatre.

The power—and Achilles heel—of subjective impressions

Over the years, labour arbitrators have cautioned against using subjective impressions to decide the merit of workplace grievances of harassment. They have emphasized that objective standards, not solely the subjective impressions of the alleged victim or alleged harasser, must be applied in determining whether harassment or abuse has occurred. A famous photograph illustrates this; conduct occurred, but does it constitute sexual harassment?

American Girl in Italy by Ruth Orkin is one of the best-known street photographs. Taken in 1951 in Florence, Italy, the photo shows a woman walking along a sidewalk while men look at her. My description is carefully worded. I could have said “young woman” or “girl,” a “gauntlet of gawking men” (as some have said), or “ogled by 15 men,” or “hassled” or “harassed.” I could describe the body language of the woman, the look on her face, or that of the men, especially the man sitting on a motorcycle and another man with pursed lips who has his hand near (on?) his crotch. The latter has been described by some as “grabbing his junk” or “that not-so-innocent-looking gesture with his hand.” Some describe the men as “leering and lascivious,” the woman representing “either stoic independence or sheer vulnerability.”

In interviews this year, on the 60th anniversary exhibition of this iconic photograph and other works by Orkin, Nina Craig, who is the subject of American Girl in Italy, says, “Some people want to use it [the photo] as a symbol of harassment of women, but that’s what we’ve been fighting all these years. It’s not a symbol of harassment. It’s a symbol of a woman having an absolutely wonderful time!” Craig describes the street behaviour of the men (in the photo, in Italy, and elsewhere in Europe) as making her feel “appreciated.” And what of the gesture by the man in the photo? Craig explains her experience and interpretation of his behaviour and of the other men this way: “That young man is not whistling, by the way; he’s making a happy, yelping sound, and where you see him touching the family jewels, or indicating them, with his hand—well, for a long time that was considered an image people should not look at. That part was airbrushed out for years… But none of those men crossed the line at all.” Were the men harassing her? “I can tell you that it wasn’t the intent of any man there to harass me.”

Are “facts” socially constructed?

For her part, Orkin says “Being a photographer is making people look at what I want them to look at.” What do you see when you look at her striking photo? How are we to “factually” interpret the experience of the woman in American Girl in Italy and the behaviour of the men? Craig does not allege harassment. Others who witness the behaviour or who experience similar treatment by men might do so. Which version do we believe? (Note that the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that if only some women, and not all women, are victims of sexual harassment, it does not mean the conduct is not sex discrimination.)

The law and case law also tell us we need to consider what is known or ought to be known to be unwelcome comment or conduct, and what might constitute sexual harassment. What would a reasonable person, in 1951, conclude? In 2011? In Italy versus Canada? What would a similarly situated reasonable woman conclude?

I recall a young, second-generation Asian student I interviewed many years ago. Another student had brought a complaint against a professor alleging sexist, homophobic, and racist behaviour and the creation of a poisoned environment. This witness recounted several examples of classroom comments that struck me as being potentially racist (as well as sexist, and some as homophobic). I asked if she considered the professor’s behaviour to be racist. “No,” she replied, “it’s inappropriate—he shouldn’t be saying these things. It’s not good.” I probed, wanting to understand her interpretation. She looked at me (an older, white woman) as though to say, “You don’t get it” and then patiently explained, “This is my daily experience. I am a young Korean woman. If I called this racism and sexism, I wouldn’t be able to get through my day. I don’t have time to do this. I have to live my life.” The effect of this professor’s behaviour was one thread in the rich and sometimes painful tapestry of this woman’s life.

What can we learn from such examples? As teachers and colleagues we can minimize the possibility that our behaviour may cause harm or be interpreted as harassment by being mindful of the value of being respectful, reasonable, and empathetic in our interactions with others.

Catherine Burr is a conflict and investigation specialist. She has more than 30 years’ experience investigating workplace sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying, and workplace violence complaints. She teaches human resources management in the Masters of Public Administration program at The University of Western Ontario.

  • MD

    I posted previously on this blog. I was falsely accused of sexual harassment out of vengeance by a young female co-worker who was upset about comments commending another student who outdid her research. I lost everything (job, education, house, healthcare, etc.). I was forced to take legal action against the false accuser and won a judgment in my favor. Now 3 years later I’ll be going to court against the institution. Hateful, overzealous HR employees withheld information from, misled, and lied to witnesses and fabricated factually false reports when witnesses didn’t confirm their preconceptions. One should never assume investigators will be honest and impartial. HR employees have been demonstrated to lie pervasively in many court cases across the country and these are the same types who ignored genuine sexual harassment complaints 20 years ago. Sexual harassment undoubtedly occurs and causes grief to those affected. However, false accusations of sexual harassment are much, much more damaging and yet those accused have no protection or recourse.

    • Quinn learn

      I am in a situation that sounds a lot like yours, I just got done going through the problem solving committee in the company I work for and I couldn’t believe they withheld the sexual harassment. I am confused as to what to do because it was an attack on me. How did you prove your case? My email is allreadymaid77@hotmail.com. Let’s talk please I can use your advice and experience.

      • MD

        Dear Quinn, I’m not sure what your situation is, were you harassed or falsely accused of harassment? I’m not sure what you mean by ‘withheld the sexual harassment’. Could you describe in more detail before I respond more fully?

        In my case I was falsely accused, I subpoenaed institution documents through the freedom of information act (or something similar), I had witnesses re-interviewed by a third party, I filed a civil suit against the false accuser, and I filed a complaint with the EEOC. If you were harassed as opposed to falsely accused, there are similar steps you need to take and usually hiring an attorney will be well worth the cost (I should have done it much sooner).


        • Ims

          MD help me it seems I am being falsely accussed by a new employee that I beleive wants to make a quick buck

        • Ims


        • MD

          Dear Ims,

          I don’t know you’re situation and I’m not sure how a new employee would make any money by accusing you. Usually false accusations are for other reasons (as an excuse for something else, to remove an unliked employee, for a promotion, revenge, etc.). If you’re part of a union, you’re lucky as they have leverage, work with them. Company e-mails are free game for the company and they can look at whatever they want. Collect all the evidence you can, including from your colleagues. Get something in writing or record it, but be careful not to leak details about the false accuser as they’ll then accuse you of “retaliation”. Getting an attorney is highly recommended. It might cost a few hundred dollars, but you might be glad you did it. They can threaten your company with discrimination or wrongful termination. At the very least, get a free consultation. Lastly, if you’ve done nothing wrong, have faith in your integrity. Hope that helps.

        • Ims

          I was questioned with union representation a few days ago and only my intra company IM messages are being questioned.. I need your guidance please.

        • S Bee

          It never ceases to amaze me how these institutions/corporations expect someone to defend themselves without the allegations.

          They won’t just come out and say… we don’t care about justice.

    • robert rodemich

      are you doing both of these as a civil case , im in a simalar situation and i got proof and no one will listen , i need to know what course i should take because it seem no lawyer is interested.so im thinking maybe a cival suit is in order

      • MD

        Hi Robert,

        I’m sorry to hear this has happened to you, but you’re not alone and worse things can happen. I can’t comment too much as my case is active. I did both as civil suits (discrimination/wrongful termination/civil rights violation). Most attorneys won’t be interested in your case unless you have solid proof, but keep trying. Currently the law works in favor of false accusers and institutions/organizations that take their side. Be prepared to spend a lot of money with no guarantee of a favorable outcome. I subpoenaed documents from the institution I was at that demonstrates prejudice/inappropriate behavior and have witnesses to bring to trial. Good luck!

        • Samuel Stevens

          Hi, Robert,
          My son is going through a similar process. When you filed your discrimination case, which box did you check on the grounds of the civil suit. We have all the paperwork but which action is unclear.

          Thanks. Worried Parent of a 27 year old.

    • ma

      Hi, my husband is in a similar situation as yours. however, unfortunately a couple conversations between him and this young lady who’s dad (also with the same company) is higher up than my spouse, came off as inappropriate (responding to her txts). my problem is, this is coming off as retaliation from this individual whom due to her own fault of tardiness ( despite repeptitive chances on getting her help i.e. sober living etc..) was on her final warning and about to be terminated. not my husbands decision, but her boss. we have talked to some layers but non are willing to take the case. we are looking to file for wrongful termination/defamation of character/discrimination). do you have any advise?

      • MD

        Dear Ma, your first step is to gather evidence. Even e-mails from colleagues help. Your second step is to file a claim with the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). Don’t exaggerate, just state the facts, it’s free to file a complaint. Unfortunately, the system is biased against males and so the EEOC won’t do anything for your husband, unless perhaps he’s not white. However, it buys you time to find an attorney. If you can’t find an attorney, go to your local court and ask for a list of low-cost attorneys. Your chances of winning are small, will take years and cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Your husband was likely an at-will employee, meaning he can be fired for any reason, except for age (over 40), race, sex, or religion. So, you would better have good evidence of discrimination before pursuing. Hope that helps.

      • Murano

        Human Rights, Work Safe organizations should support you, in the process we are all have been harmed, I was fired after working 10 years hard, building a new service, now it is my husbands turn, administration has unlimited power over employees, they decide your fate, you just need to hang your head and eat it . The university hired investigators are laughable, they will write what was told by the paying party ( administration)

    • robert rodemich

      same thing happened to me , the investigations are a joke i have very serious questions no one will answer , what really pisses me off is when a boss goes through the trouble to try and manufacture a REASON to fire you and when you try and fight it , all the lawyers say is it is “at will” , my argument would be you are correct it is” at will” but when my boss chose to create a reason rather then just fire me under the “at will’ law , the choice he made to create the reason also should make him not able to hide behind “at wil”l . its all a joke , but im not laughing , yet

    • EP

      I really would like if I can talk with you more about this topic for some advice if possible

      • MD

        Hi EP, Perhaps let me know what your issue is. My advice if you’re wrongly accused is to do as much as possible before its too late. If you wait until you’re fired, then it’s years of litigation with little chance of success.

    • RoDi Baker Sr.

      Had this just happen to me. A co-worker who we regularly went to lunch together in her car at least 15 times over the past 3 months made a claim that I had harassed her. The crazy thing is that we’ve been going to lunch up until September 30, 2016. Everything she reported was back in July and early August, in which she comfortably joked about the same things that I did without any cause. Then somewhere between 10-1-2016 and 10-4-2016, I was hit with the claim that she was harassed. Makes Zero Sense to me.

    • JJ Muckle

      MD, I truly hope you win millions and maybe make a dent in this false accusation from females to males. We need to stand together on this crud, but white men can’t riot or complain unless we want to be shot on site. IGNORE the JJ Muckle pen name I use..

      • MD

        Dear John, thanks for the kind note of support. Unfortunately, my efforts to bring the unethical employees in the administration of the university I attended in Colorado to justice were prevented. The School had four attorneys (two external), one of whom was a friend of the trial judge, and unlimited resources. By misleading and lying, which apparently is not a crime, they got the judge to dismiss the case. Worse, to inflict injury on me on behalf of the School, the Judge wrote a scathing, defamatory commentary on me and published it. All my appeals were systematically denied. I leaned the hard way that the US justice system is really only justice for the rich.

        I don’t think its fair to say such false accusations are limited to white men – men of color likely have it even worse. Sexual harassment is the new “witch” that is exploited by dishonest, vengeful, (typically) females for personal gain and retribution. But, people lie, cheat, steal, and kill all the time. The real problem is the unethical people (administrators, managers, judges, attorneys, etc.) who, whether out of ignorance, incompetence, or simply sexism and hatred, follow along. Women are the worst. When there’s a potential accusation against a fellow woman, all logical thought ceases, and the possibility that the accuser is lying is summarily dismissed. I don’t foresee things getting better anytime soon. Anytime the subject comes up though, I let people know my thoughts loud and clear.

    • You are but one of the many innocents made to suffer. I know of others and I share their very serious concern that we have allowed a system of Police control that is OUT OF CONTROL. Australia is a country run by many little Dictators in all of its institutions.

      Only a civil revolution could change for the better, the way things are done. Hopefully OZ will one day produce its own Nelson Mandela !

  • mike jones

    i recently had a classmate file a sexual harassment complaint against me saying i offered her money in exchange for sex. She never told them she asked me how much money i had and that i would have to pay 1000$. she lied completely and there was no text message of me asking her for sex but yet they still charged me. Everytime i asked to see it they would never show it to me but i already know it doesnt exist. is there any thing that i can do

  • robert rodemich

    i just lost my job because i was accused of harassment, its a long story but her husband caught her and they were at my job claiming harassment , there is more to it i was a manager and she wanted to fix her marraige i said great hope it works out , next day i found out she was having another afair with one of my employees , i told to stop with all the men here and do your job , well she wouldn’t she even admitted it was all her fault and that she would leave , she did not ! so they did a non-investigation because there is not one piece of documentation of her claim or the investigation unless they are lying and that could be , but i believe the law gives me the right to have the finding and a copy of her claim , i got nothing resent request today , so after they fired me they banned me and no one would even talk to me , the plant manager told her to get a restraining order and she did and this is were it gets even better other then being full of lies there was a letter from plant manager to her and he makes a very strong point to say the first time he heard of the claim was nov 30 but on page 25 there is a email i sent her and she points out another plant manager who is embedded in her email and date nov 21 , now they are both lying about what they knew , its obvious they were working with her to set me up and i can prove it all they got not paperwork for anything , she is lying through her teeth , i know my rights have been violated and i can find no one to look at the case as a whole.. i was one of the top sales managers and i realize my mistake and i was trying to fix it , this is so dirty on so many levels and im very frustrated that no one will listen , once your accused you amy as well be a murderer , they people i have worked with side by side for 11 years wont talk to me she is still employed she hasn’t even hit her first year there yet ,im not giving up because i know there is something that can be done i just have to find what it is , my life……ruined

  • PhilA

    Simplest way to avoid harassment claims in the work place – if you are a male, stay the heck away from women. No lunch, no coffee, no after work drinks, no confidential meetings behind closed doors if you are a man and the person you are interacting with is a woman. There are several women who can and will twist facts to their advantage. In today’s litiguous society if you are a male accused of sexual harasment you are immediately fired.
    A close male friend of mine who was a huge proponent of affirmative action and dedicated to helping women succeed at the work place was just recently wrongfully fired due to a misundertood sexual harassment claim by a young female employee.
    Certainly do everything you can to stay collegial and fair to female employees, but please don’t find yourself in 1:1 situations wth them.

    • robert rodemich

      you are correct , I guess I thought I would not have the displeasure of meeting someone like that

    • MD

      If you do as you say, you’ll be accused of gender discrimination. As part of a false sexual harassment claim against me, HR accused me of gender discrimination for not working as much with a female employee, who incidentally was not assigned to work with me.

      Current sexual harassment law may help real victims, but it opens a wide door to unbelievably easy abuse by false accusers and organizations that take their side. Unfortunately, the consequences for the falsely accused are equal or worse than for harassment victims and yet they have no real legal recourse. It’s a trap.

      • S Bee

        Very accurate and well said.

    • J. Smith

      The tragedy of this out of control “victim” culture is that women like me, grown women who can defend themselves and aren’t afraid to go toe to toe with men in the workplace, are frozen out of real chances to advance because irresponsible women have blown situations out of proportion. If I am excluded from lunch, coffee, after work meetings, confidential meetings behind closed doors, etc, I am never going to have the chance to advance my career, even if I am a straight up professional woman with a lot to offer. On the other hand, I am the mother of three sons, and I would have your advice tattooed on their forearms so as to protect them against a law with no parameters.

      You see, I am reading this blog because my adult son has been falsely accused of sexual harassment by an older female coworker. He and his wife were friends with the coworker and her husband, and the accusations stem from a social occasion, not from work. Her story has changed, and grown, with each telling, first with my son and his wife, then with the employer, then with the EEOC, and lastly with the district attorney. The real source of the problem is the coworker’s husband is a trial lawyer, and he knows exactly which buttons she needs to push. My son’s employer is standing behind him, but still he had to sell his house, move to another town, and endure the gossip and speculation of the community.

      My respect for lawyers, and the American judicial system, is at an absolute all time low. We civilians are only pawns in their elaborate games.

      There are women who have been truly victimized by workplace sexual harassment. The law was enacted to give them a voice, but it is so vague and nebulous that every man, every husband, father, and son, is a moving target. Hostile work environment? I am staying away from my son’s former workplace, because that hussy has no idea how hostile I am feeling.

      We, all of us, need to find a way to protect those men and women who are vulnerable to real harm from sexual predators in the workplace while still allowing common sense to be at work in the workplace.

  • robert rodemich

    what makes my blood boil is I can prove my bosses knew for 9 days ahead of time and were trying to set me up because this same girl started an affair with there buddy part of “the good-old-boy “network , and I cant get a lawyer to touch it , and I can prove all of it , maybe they all think its on contingency, I’m not giving up,But crap if its not cut and dry for them they don’t want it .I just had trial for the restraining order and I knew from my research I judge would give her the order if only to make sure the judgffe is protected, but the judge only gave her 6 months and said it was a cool down period , could tell judge was reading through her B.S and the judge asked what I did to make her fear me , and get this she said “nothing he is a nice guy he has never been like that ” and she also implied I was fired for a letter on my personal email on a weekend .all no threatening. ill find someone who likes to mix it up a little



      • tar

        read post from tar

      • robert rodemich

        thanks meg problem is I cant get a lawyer to listen , as soon as it gets complicated I can hear them lose interest, and it is complicated , hell I would be happy if someone just listened and look at the paper I have then judge and not think im crazy as soon as I suggest my boss decided to work with her instead of step in.i literally have it in a letter he wrote , it dosentr directly state that but he does lie about when he knew and a few other things , how do I know he is lying , because there is another email I got with his right man next in charge inserted into her email signature (and you do not get in the signature by accident) and its dated 9 days before plant says he knew anything , and then I got right hand mans text lying and saying he knew nothing I was just taking it bad except for he has been watching many emails he name is all over, and then to tie it all together in her restraining order (that’s were I got the other paper) all of her evidence is dated on or after the date they started watching emails, we had been seeing each other since april ! I have a bunch more of them and the reason I suspect she doesn’t have any older was to delete so hubby would not find , then she had to be told to save any emails , so they waited until they got what they want . so I see it as a set up , and I sent a email that im open to hear any other explanation. no one responded . this is a perfect case to change laws for false accusing, I made a few mistakes and I said some things out of anger but have 5 emails on same subject supporting and trying to help , there is a lot going on here and as much as people think im crazy when I say my boss was involved just think about how surprised I was to find it , I stand 100% behind everything I say , I accept my actions , but im having a hard time accepting being the only one who paid , I lost my job , all my friends and now I have the knowledge that people I worked with for 12 years had a part in it .I wish I could find an attorney that had some guts to listen and look and then just tell me straight what my options are , but none have done that , and time is running out ..but thanks for your words

  • mmcowby

    The laws are there because of what happened to my wife and I. A manager had an affair with my wife. When she decided to end it he couldn’t let it go. Constantly emailed and texted until she blocked him from her phone. Then emailed and called her into an unused office to confront her several times a day. He even had his mother text my wife at work about the affair that had ended. When my wife confessed the affair to me, she said she was leaving her job at the request of the manager who was worried about ” Quid Pro Quo” and loss of his job. My wife turned over the letters and poems and emails and as we were reading through them the manager emailed many more times not knowing I was on the receiving end and mentioned that he had just had sex with his girlfriend and that her private parts did not have any odor. Intent doesn’t need to be explained. I then sent him an email from my own account that stated the affair was over. First the manager apologized then a few hours later emailed myself that I needed to have my wife leave her employment and that if I talked with the business that he would ruin my life. I called the plant manager and requested a meeting with him to show the abuse and the threating media and to protect my wife. The plant manager
    told me that the one email sent to me about the request of termination of my wife and the threat of ruining my life was enough to terminate the manager. Years of training on the subject on my behalf by my employer and contacting the Department of Fair Labor was enough to require the manager to be terminated that same day. As the law states I too have the right to sue the manager and the franchise company as the spouse of the victim as well as my wife the victim. We have no plans to hire an attorney as we are both pleased with the way the company reacted to our claims. You see those laws have to be in place for the reason I have stated above.

    • tar

      you are a liar , so the laws are there so your wife can have as many affairs as she wants at the same time? So she can play games, your to stupid to know she was screwing 2 possible 3 guys , you had the evidence , truth comes out , wife the victim that’s funny!!! wife was the predator and got caught unless she is married to the other guy then ya she was fixing her marriage all right , and laws are not to protect a women to be a whore, and your wife takes away from real claims of harrassment

      • Alex Vincent

        That’s an overly simplistic way of looking at things. Humans are complex beings and our thoughts and opinions can fundamentally change in an instant, given the right stimulus. Could she be manipulating the law to suit her needs? Absolutely. But there are countless other potential reasons for her actions.

        • J.H.

          Drama queen.
          If she’s fucking company officers, or is married she should be immediately fired. This is usually what happens and why most companies have anti-fraternization rules.

    • tar

      your wife the victim went after the manager after his brother was murdered and he broke up with his girl, she went after him, gets better she scammed on the other guy while at that guys wife memorial nice big kiss and not the on the check kind, those are his words and they are available ,but had you shown up to the restraining order trial (that the manager won by the way)you would of heard a lot of truths and these truths are still very much available , my understanding is the manager admits to saying some things out of anger but there is plenty of evidence to show it was out of anger because every other mention of a subject was supportive , also my understanding is there is someone there who witnessed your wife lead the manager on even after they had agreed to stop and to this day that person who seen this, name has not been reveled, my understanding is this manager has something on the plant manager and can tie your wife, the plant manager and the other lover together to set this set this manager up. sir the truth will come out and if your wife was really abused then that manager has what coming to him , but my understanding is that when asked by the judge what this manager did to make her fear him and apply for the restraining order ? her response was ” he did nothing to scare me he is a nice guy” so it seems there is a lot more to this but truth will prevail and everyone will get what they got coming weather it be the manager the wife or the plant manger . my understanding is the manager is the only one who admits to mistakes he made and the only one not trying to hide anything .the biggest mistake I think he made was falling in love with her , but then she should not take advantage of people in weak times of there lives, hope it all works out for you

    • llrowland

      So this happened to your wife and you? seems someone is saying there is another guy and you know about it? What makes my stomach turn is he states she made advancement after tragedies for both these gentleman and at the memorial of one! Sounds like you need to hire a shrink not a lawyer,
      There is a lot not being said , sounds like your wife was the predator . and what are you all about? wife is having more then one affair but you blame the manger who claims she made the advancements and then you point out that you have the right to sue him as well ! All I can say is your a mans man and I am glad I am not married to you because , you imply that he sent a letter saying your wife has an order in a certain spot ? well at least he did it in a private letter ! and even as tactless as that is it was in a private letter You put it all over the web. I am pretty sure from what am reading that these laws are not here to protect your wife, but whatever ,Looks like your wife used everyone even you .strange deceiving people…Ill stick with my husband he may piss me off daily but I know he is a real man and would handle a situation as such and not say I smell all over the web. Good luck to you and goodnight

    • robert rodemich

      i am that manager and ill make it simple for you mark your wife is a WHORE who had 2 affairs and and possibly three , ya she is a victim my ass , you,your wife,Matt Davis and Steve wyatt are bold face liars ..so you enjoy your wife , because everyone else is.

  • Please ready this article which is based on my own experience with the Canadian justice system on how to protect yourself against false accusations of sexual assault / false rape:


    • Justin St.Denis

      Whenever I called upon any government clients, I would always outfit myself with a digital voice recorder and record the entire encounter ” from leaving my vehicle to go to the meeting to re-starting the ignition after the meeting was ove”.This came in very handy on four occasions in 15 years. Each time, issues of sexual conduct were raised. The recordings provided sound proof of fabrication every time. I also concluded that female managers within the Ontario Public Service cannot be trusted AT ALL to be honest and forthright.

  • Latino123

    I am experiencing a situation where o am being accused of sexual harassment over things they say I said more than 8 months ago. At the time the boyfriend of the accuser was new at the company, and they were not dating, but started dating shorlty after that. I am being accused to ask questions like “did you f* her?” And also for stating that woman were easy at the company. The boyfriend works based out of a different country and I have little to no contact with the girlfriend, who I believe to be the accuser. A claim has been raised against me and there is a investigation taking place. What should I do? What can I do? And I am Latino. I feel I am been slandered since I am a top performer and have always stood up for the be interest of the organization.

    • fredbird67

      I know you’re not gonna like what I have to say here…but I would most definitely consider comments like that to be sexual harassment. Sorry, but I beg to differ with you on that one.

      • Alex Vincent

        I think he is implying that he didn’t actually say those things, considering the emphasis he put onto the fact that it is said he said those things 8 months ago.

        • fredbird67

          Yeah, now that I re-read what he said, I think you’re right.

  • Nalini ™

    About a year ago, my gay friend complained to HR that his female manager was bullying him at work. When contacted by HR, the manager counter claimed that my gay friend sexually grouped and tried to kiss her. My gay friend was questioned by HR and he revealed to them that he was a gay man and had no sexual desire or interest in females. He also provided proof as to his life long homosexual status. Despite this, he was terminated a few weeks later with the explanation that the company no longer found him to be the right fit. He tried to challenge the company by hiring a lawyer but finally settled after his financial resources ran out. He later fell into deep depression over the incident and began drinking. Prior to my friend’s experience, I didnt know that women made false sexual allegations but now I Know.

  • Inez Deborah Emilia Altar

    I am slandered as a sexual pervert and my body slandered I heal together from massive abuse when even with 21 years of malignant tendency eh but with success when I go to have my internet plaque repaired at Worten next to Continente supermaket Santarem

  • S Bee

    I like the article. But it’s somewhat telling how the author felt the need to reinforce the notion that the absence of proof ‘doesn’t mean it didn’t happen!’

    Why didn’t the author feel any inclination to reinforce the opposite – that just because someone makes an allegation – it doesn’t mean it’s valid or true?

    To me, the greatest determining factor in how someone ( accuser or accused; male or female ) can expect to fare in a harassment investigation is answered with a simple question: WHO is the more valuable employee? It will trump gender and facts virtually every time.

    In Ontario, a very well known radio host was accused of workplace harassment and, it seems, protected by management ( for a while).

    The radio host was protected not because of his gender, but because he was a very important, highly valued employee.

    Had he been the custodian, his experience with management would’ve been very different indeed.

    I think there is a tremendous amount of ideological dishonesty being bandied about as fact when it’s nothing but useful lies.

    • Labella52_110

      It happens all the time management getting preferred treatment. Managers can get away with things a rank-and-file employee cannot.

    • robert rodemich

      or what will they lose in a lawsuit , they can fight it but most company’s just get rid of the accused and say look we fixed the problem all is good without any proof there was wrong doing

  • S Bee

    Goodbye parasite.

  • Labella52_110

    And how does one substantiate the allegations when more often than not, it’s a He Said She Said situation?
    An ethical investigation might conclude there’s insufficient proof to discipline anyone. But in the real world, investigators tend to find something to penalize the accused for. I’d say it’s quite miraculous how that happens…
    Schools and workplaces should have no part in these investigations. If harassment has occurred then it’s a crime and should be investigated by the police only. Corporations and schools are far too biased.

  • Joshua Martin Pryce

    bingo. i didnt even touch a girl and she made a compliant.

  • Mac

    A friend of mine was a acussed of harrassment. She is at fault a great deal. But the man that made the complaint does have a huge fault in leading her on…
    I’d like help on writing a missunderstanding letter to put on the warning letter she/my friend received.

  • Sarah

    Ok so my boyfriend got accused of harassing some girls the night he was looking for me they.said he was drunk and made probocative comments. And being that he was drunk when i last seen him. I believe it. But then i dont because i been with him for 4 years and he has never show that behavior. And when i.told him the cops were looking for him at my house just to see if he would show up and he did. So is that a guilty act by coming over or just precautions becuse no one wants to be looked at like that.

  • Sarah

    Im just confused and really dont want my boyfriend to be some wierdo. And was it a good choice though for him to contact the cops if being accused or is that a guilty thing to.

  • Mf

    I am a openly gay man, who has been at current work place for over 18months, no complaints – just a very happy go lucky go – who really loves his workplace. I don’t believe in touching people as that would spell trouble – unfortunately, a young girl started at my office and has been there for 2months, who has made a sexual harassment claim against me, saying I called her name in a very sexual manner and promptly put my hands around her waist and pulled her towards me and held her up against me for 10/20 seconds. I am so stressed as this is not the sort of thing I would do – and does one release how long 10/20 seconds – this is still ongoing – if this can happen to gay man – my question is WHERE WILL IT END OR IS THERE ANY REAL JUSTICE THERE TO PROTECT MEN

    • robert rodemich

      I can promise you there is no justice to protect men gay or straight in this situation, the laws have been structured in favor of the women no matter what , and in most cases company’s just fire the accused without any proof and call it done , now they can get away with this because we the people have let the company’s and the government take away a reason to fire someone, the now call “it right to work” and since most states are right to work if you get termed because of this and say it was wrongful term , all they are going to say is its right to work and they can fire you for tripping over your own shoe lace , im still trying to find an lawyer who will be straight with me , and I’ve tried at least 40 but im also the type that one way or anther will get some satisfaction, it has been unreal , yes I made some mistakes but my situation is different because I was actually seeing this girl for 8 months , the need to be changed most company’s don’t even do a real investigation , all they are interested in is losing money in a law suit , and that’s all , im close to losing everything I have worked for 12 years and that’s not good for anyone. And the law is a joke and I consider it my bad luck to ever meat a piece of trash like that ..sorry about your situation and sorry there are people out there who are willing to ruin lives without even blinking,

    • Yousuf Farhan

      Since you are gay, you might have a small chance of getting justice. It’s straight men that governments in the West hate primarily, so I’m not sure.


    I desperately need advice for my sister- She is in a terrible situation and expects to lose her job on Monday because her assistant (and good friend) has formally accused her (labor board, and formal complaint with employers) of making improper sexual comments and also being racist and making racist comments toward her. It is 200% out of left field, and seems well orchestrated, and the only 2 motivations that we can conjure is she wants her job (which she is ridiculously under qualified for), or she is looking for a way to not work and hopefully shake the employers down for a sizable settlement. Either way, for a 22 year old, she seems to have a pretty good handle on working the system, and here is why: My sister may be a lot of things, but what she is the EXACT OPPOSITE OF IS A RACIST, OR SOMEONE THAT TALKS ABOUT SEX ON ANY LEVEL, LIKE EVER! This is a very serious situation as the bosses have begun to interview every employee and she has been suspended. We need help, and fast! My sister basically lives for her job, and she is not only good at it- she is at the top of her field, and has her personal name and reputation tied to it- and it is well documented and in the public eye. She has been underpaid and underappreciated for so long…this is surreal. I refuse to let her be a victim of this, and let her 10+ years of hard work go down in flames at the hands of someone that is obviously a well-groomed opportunist using her ethnicity to abuse the law and scare the company enough to let her go. They are an international company doing business in the US and continually under scrutiny because they are not full US citizens, and a lot of the biz is handled overseas. They are literally audited every month, so easily backed into a corner when it comes to shenanigans of this kind. DESPERATE! Please help.

  • robert rodemich

    there should be laws that make company’s do investigations not just fire on the word of someone else

    • Labella52_110

      But that would be too simple and just. There are laws protecting alleged harassers, but many companies and schools violate them!

  • robert rodemich


    Earlier this year, Vivienne Dye was ordered by the Federal Court to pay $5.85 million in legal costs after her claims of sexual harassment against two managers were found to be untrue. The judge labelled her a liar with a “venomous desire for revenge”, and he congratulated her former employer – the Commonwealth Bank – for fighting to clear the managers’ names rather than opting for a payout to make her go away.


    • Labella52_110

      What ‘mistakes’ did you make?
      Did the attorney you consulted tell you that your rights were broken? Did you ask?

      • robert rodemich

        I talked to many attorneys and once they heard harrassment they just said it’s an at will state , no cared that I can prove without a doubt that I was set up , no one cared there was no investigation basically no one cared, after stepping away from it for a few months I recently had to revisit and thought maybe I’ll see something different after being away maybe I was seeing it wrong , after getting back into it , I’m even more confident about what happened , the eeoc is looking at now to see if it’s anything that falls in there yard , other then that I’m on my own

      • robert rodemich

        Sorry the mistakes I made was getting involved in the first place , and not just stepping away if my head was on straight I would of seen the game she was playing , 2014 not good year and my brothers murder really affected me the whole year

        • Labella52_110

          Very sorry about the loss of your brother. You have my condolences.

          It may sound radical, but I’m at the point that I don’t think men & women should work together. It’s too risky for men in today’s climate. The one’s that do just don’t know any better.

          It’s for these same reasons male management leave the door open when speaking with female employees and why male physicians have an ‘assistant’ in the room when examining female patients…

          to protect their butts!

          All it takes is ONE accusation.

          This is what its come to today.

  • Labella52_110

    I wonder what Catherine Burr thinks of the “Dear Colleague” letter; Title IX in the US and how due process is being obliterated in US schools…

  • Anshu Anshu

    I am working with a reputated company. Recently, a female staff joined this company a month back has alleged me with sexual allegation. However, my company’s internal committee has handled this case with neutral stand.
    Her allegation is that while she visited my office around 7pm on 9 July 15, I tried to hug her and she felt uncomfortable. She came with a complaint in my office about my staff working in the kitchen that he was not ready to deliver dinner. She also stated about her ill health which resulted to her weakness. As I ordered a cup of tea for self, I also asked her if she wants to have a cup of tea to show my courtesy. She said yes. I was working on my laptop as well as listening her. The entire conversation lasted for about 20 min. During our conversation, I picked up few calls as well.
    Frankly, I couldn’t understand her intention.
    Suddenly, she sent a written complaint to my management on 13 July 15. My version of reply was that I disagree with all charged allegations however, during the course of the conversation if anything objectional thing may hurt you is regrettable & seek apology.
    I did this as I do not have any proof for my innocence and have a family.
    I also argued that if she felt uncomfortable then she should have left within seconds from my office. She accepted this as her mistake. I never sent any message or calls to show my interest.
    It is so humiliation that not able to focus anywhere.
    Can I file a defamation case against her.

    • Labella52_110

      Where generally do you live? .

  • Yousuf Farhan

    Is staring harassment, like staring at someone in your class, no inappropriate verbal and physical contact but simply staring, hypothetically speaking?

    • J. Smith

      Yes. Staring can be harassment. If you have to stare at someone in your class, make sure it is the lecturer.

  • Elizabeth Cole

    While talking to an employee about his performance he stated to me. ” he has never had good luck with white females” that threw me off, but the next one was even better. He stated that he had talked to his wife and told her I was being ” too friendly ” . I’m not sure what to do with this. Do I get a lawyer??? I’m not sure what to do. I’am his supervisor. What do I don’t?? I want to keep my job. He’s a new employee and my only intentions where to help him succeed in his job. Any ideas??

  • fredbird67

    Been there, done that, at a job I had back in 1998 from, believe it or not, MULTIPLE people, both co-workers and students. In my case, the institution where I worked had gone through a merger that was forced upon them by the state (and they didn’t want the merger, but weren’t allowed to have a say in it) with another nearby college several years before I got there. Even worse, it was in one of these towns where a certain segment of the population HATES outsiders, and I had moved there from out of state to take the job. In the end, since I largely worked alone, it was their word versus mine, leaving me with no way to disprove the allegations. I had considered suing the school, but the job I was fired from didn’t pay very well anyway, so I eventually decided it wasn’t worth going to that kind of trouble. Thankfully, a year after being fired, almost to the day, I found a better-paying job, where I still am today — and at my current job, I have NEVER had a false allegation against me. 🙂

  • robert rodemich


  • robert rodemich


  • robert rodemich

    ok im going to give you first hand account how fucked up the court system is and the judges who are on these type of cases,(this was today) so the same girl that screwed me before did it again, so mistake was i sent a text basically asking if she was ready to tell the truth , and my reason for that is i have a right to sue with the clock ticking , so thought maybe she felt guilty and was ready to redeem herself , in no way shape or form did i threaten or anything its been 2 months since the last order expired so i was in no violation. i sent it and that was it , this is real good , you can call me a dumdums for sending it , and i would agree! what followed a harmless text is unreal , so anyways a few days later i get another restraining , order saying i threatened her with the text , but on top of that she says i have been following her , and she claims a date of june 22 and july 16 so i start building my defense on these dates , so on Friday she hands me another set of paperwork with letters toi everyone she has lied to saying she wants a five year restraining order and for me to attend classes , im cold day in hell before i do any class because this p.o.s ask for it , so i spend 3 days putting my defense together , i went through her original ro and current lawsuit paperwork and out lined every lie i could prove with a document , now these papers she submitted have a penalty of perjury with them , so between 9 sheets of paper there were 20 bold face lies that i can prove and many more i could not , thats not to mention the twisted and half truths , so i figure thats going to show she has no problem lying to the courts to get what she wants , me and my girlfriend research the dates and makes sure that those were the days she was here and they were so that one witness and my mother who is her is 2 witnesses , so in court she start with all her bullshit about how i have been following her on my motorcycle and have a reddish helmet with a certain design , well i dont own a helmet like that , i bring pictures of my helmets i have and i have 9 5 half and 4 full and she says i probably borrowed one , i said when i have 4 , it was just fucking stupid , so basically she has not one ounce of proof and i have 2 witnesses , and her husband satse that he thought he say me , it so stupid i have a black sport bike , looks like every other sport bike , and im a big guys and apparently the only one in town that rides a bike , so in her claim she puts to report numbers and says they are for the 2 times i followed her , so i went to the police station and i got copies , and none of them were for the dates she said , one was for the text i sent and the other was for her claiming that on the day she went to file the restraining order i followed from the court house.(that’s because i knew what time she would be there give me a break) but that following was not in the report she filed , and i wondered why , because i have been at battle with these guys and my old boss for a while and when he called the cops they always came and talked to me , so i called the police station and asked why if a female called in saying the she was being stalked and harassed repeatedly that they would not go and talk to the other person , and she said probably because they did not find the claim credible , i said that’s what i thought , and she looked up the number and said it was a neg stalk , meaning they did not believe it , so that explains why it was in her claim so i point this out and she claims she wasn’t sure of the dates , think about that your in court making claims against someone and you don’t have the dates , at that point it should of been thrown out , but it was not , it was such a joke , so my witnesses do there thing and wait i almost forgot so when i was asking her questions i asked has she ever lied on a court document before and she says no , i said i have that’s not true , i have all my evidence letters and accounts in these folders and you would think that someones history of lying under oath would be something a judge would want to know , you would be wrong , he shut my evidence down and i never got to talk about any of it , but he was looking at her original order but would not look at what i had , i said wait this is relevant , were not here to try that he says. it fucking shows her character and since she has already been caught in lies , fuck it was a joke so he goes away and comes back and starts his bs and says , he did not find my text threatening and he found my witnesses creditable (even though he tried to discredit my girlfriend) and he said that what i said in the very blog was not illegal then he looked at me and said , that he believed that she could recognize me on a motorcycle because how big i was , so in so many words without saying it he believes i followed her , and then he gave a year restringing order because get this i sent the text that’s it and that’s all this asshole was going to fuck me anyway he could and i requested, not one ounce of proof no witnesses caught lying twice , oh crap almost forgot , before that he was asking her how she came up with the dates she put in there and she said the this women place like a women refuge told her do the best she can , so she as good as admitted she made those dates up , and he did not throw the claim out , i built my defense around those dates and she can make them up , ill tell you exactly when she came up with those dates and that when she tried to get and order for a harmless text and got laughed at so she made up the following things with those dates , and get this she left pissed off .. fucking really her ios the deal i know they were pushing so hard her husband gave that up in a commit he made in his letter , by the way he wasn’t with her , he said that he knows if his wife gets the restraining order that he knows i will violate it and then she can go get federal charges..i did not violate the first one , so there is a current lawsuit i believe that’s what this ia about and expect top be set up again here soon , he as good as said it ..this was the most bullshit court iv ever been in and im filing for appeal and lodging a complain against this commissioner , it was such bullshit and this time im really more pissed at this fucking idiot who gave the order , i was not happy and let it be known . i fucked up by sending the text because it is clear she is bat shit crazy , but who would of thought of this , so tomorrow im putting one of the files of her lying in the mail to the DFEH and going to outline in detail her wrongs my wrongs and my employers wrongs , they are going to get info that i promise they never got from her or my job im going to outline how she was involved in setting me up and and if they do not believe it with the evidence i send there should absolutely be enough to kill her lawsuit , i can absolutely show she was leading me one, and in my defense my mind was not right in 2014 my brother was murdered with 2 young ladies and another guy , my brother was shot in the face trying to rush these guys to protect the girls they killed everyone for nothing and right after that she swooped in right after i broke up with my girlfriend so she completely took advantage of that situation and over the 8 or so months i fell for her as would be normal , and then she went after another guy at his wife’s memorial and i get text from that guy talking about suicide , i will admit my wrongs as i have many but nothing like what was said and nothing like taking advantage of peoples tragedy.all she need to do was leave me alone i have already forgotten about her except i wanted someone to turn on my ex boss , now i have to fight even more to clear my name so jimmy Donnelly says It is frighteningly easy for a clever woman to provoke, distort & invent an entire harassment case…i hope he and all you know how right he is because i do …time to get busy defending myself some more but i promise no more text.

  • robert rodemich


  • robert rodemich

    looks like back to court again , with the same piece of shit. so were in court she has not one stick of evidence lies about fucking everything , i have witness that testify i was with them and her husband say i have a reddish helmet and i don’t , then she randomly pics dates to say this happened cops al ready found her full of shit , i verified at the police station , and the fucking judge knows all this , would not look at any of my evidence , and when he gave judgement he says , your witness seem credible , and i see no law broken from this blag and the text was not threatening , but i going to give a year just because you text her . fucking moron ..going to appeal im not letting this pysco bitch have that over my head with all the shit she made up and i did not do anything , america is a fucking joke when it comes to this shit , i have 2 court documents that i have hard proof of her lying over and over, on document that carry a penalty of perjury.she is a lying p.o.s and no one has ever suggested or shown any proof of me lying …ever ..careful people these nutty fucking people are out there ,

  • Mother Theresa

    “No” means NO. “No” does not mean “I’m playing hard to get” and saying “no” several times does not mean “push yourself harder”.

  • Alfredo Cabrera

    It narrows down to the influence of one having people falsely believe accusation made to the defamation of character and how easily offended when no intent or malice is involve especially when its others who claim inappropriate with out cause

  • dencapiche

    On June 19, 2015 around 07:25 am, I was starting my regular shift at the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, I had a few patients to get report from a Co- worker named “A” who I had a sexual relationship in the past 7-8 years ago while she was married and I was separated. we worked the night shift then. A few co-workers knew about our past relationship.

    Our mutual relation when we saw each other like a friendly hug, touch our shoulder, grab our hands, arm, touch out head hair, It has always been mutual and others co-workers would see that.

    That morning, when we finished the report, we both headed to the equipment room where we keep our personal belongings, she was picking up her bag and I was dropping my jacket. She opened the door and we both came in, she grabbed her purse and I placed my jacket on a chair. We had a small talk, for about 10-15 seconds, I tried to call her attention, I grabbed her arm because we did it all the time when we see each other and all she said was it was late and wanted to go home and She left the room, laughing and smiling. She exited the room first then I did, she went her way to the elevator and I went the opposite way to the Pediatric Unit. After “A” left the room which is in the 5th floor, She went to the 7th floor and gathered with B and both went to the Supervisor and claimed that I asked her to kiss me and that I touch her. She made false allegations about me. The supervisor I guess believed her, contacted the Director and HR or the Compliance office. They called the police and I got arrested in front of my colleagues. I was in shock of what was happening I could not believe that Management did not care about listening my part and my version of her accusations. I was not giving a chance to defend myself. She lied and made up the whole story for unknown reasons.

    Around two hours after the incident these two people were seeing by a co-worker eating breakfast and laughing in the cafeteria after the accuser told me that she wanted to go home because it was late already.

    I started working the day shift for about 6-7 years ago.

    On about 6-7 months before the incident, Other co-worker named Maryellen Yim- B and I exchange phone numbers and we started calling and texting each other, starting a sentimental relationship.

    This person would flip flop between day shift and night shift and sometimes she would work at the other U affiliated facility.

    A few of my co-workers; X, X, X And X discouraged me from continuing the texting and calling with B because they said that she had a weird personality and she was not for me to deal with, and I agreed and I stop BUT B got upset that I stopped the communication with her.

    Around the beginning of this year, “A” found out that B and I were having something going on, And she stop talking to me for about a month. But suddenly she was the same person again who was glad to see me but I noticed her behavior strange because she was very interested in knowing if B and I were having something or seeing each other. She would send text messages to B saying I said “Hi”. and to ask her out. But I was not interested anymore. A few co-workers; X , X, And X were aware about this. My co-worker X witnessed it two days before that claim. “A” and I rarely see during shift change because we work opposite shift and different days, we work 3-4 days per week.

    B started working the night shift same as A and they became good friend and hang out together most of the time while at work and They both tried to work the same days.

    As I said previously, I was arrested and taken for questioning to the next building and a few hours later transferred to County jail around 2:00 pmand I was bailed out next afternoon by my wife.

    I then was placed on administrative paid leave for 5 months. A investigation was taking place by a compliance officer interviewing around 20 people some from day shift and most from night shift. A few co-workers that knew a lot about my past relationship with A and B situation were interview and gave their statements to the investigator. I met with the investigator twice, my Union rep was with me during the questioning about the event. The first time the investigator asked me If I wanted some specific people to be questioned and I did mention a few that knew the fact about the involvement with this parties.

    The second time I met the investigator, He told me and the union rep that the investigation was divided half and half but he ended up believing what other people said who for any reason were in favor or friends with “A”. I had a couple people who dislike me and talk bad about my person.

    I have about 7 witnesses and their statements about all the information I am giving and the probable cause of false allegations against me.

    During the 10 years I have been employed at U, there has never been a complaint against me or of another source. My performance as a professional has been unremarkable and management knows and say that

    “A” was advised by the police officer and detective, to file a Temporary Restraining Order, my Criminal Attorney and I presented to such order for about 4 times because the judge postponed it due to the fact he didn’t want me to testify under perjury, to not harm my initial arrest for possible charges. But on November 19, The judge denied and dismissed the case of TRO.

    I received a Intent to dismiss letter from my job for supposedly violating the institution policy.

    I was in shocked that there were doing doing this to me from someone’s false accusations.

    I got so depressed and lost about 18 pounds because I can not sleep due to the whole situation.

    On Nov. 23 I received a dismissal letter soon after my Union requested a Skelly hearing and HR just listened out defense and we made clear that the investigator was biased and did not weight or included the statements from people who gave their statements about the whole situation. I have all the letters from these people and the information they provided to the compliance investigator.

    This was the Union and I, the concerns with the investigation:

    The investigation purports to be neutral and unbiased, but appears to omit key evidence that was discovered from the investigatory report. If X was interviewed, why was her testimony omitted from the report? Is it that it did not support the story advanced about D (me), and that she could not be dismissed as closed friend of D (me).

    Why did the report omits issues raised about the environment and culture of the department in terms of interactions with the staff.

    What the report accuses D of could be considered criminal behavior, but no charges have been filed against me.

    The head manager was asked about D’ behavior toward women ever come to his attention before the incident? She said “never”.

    Ms. “A” “The accuser” states that she and never had a relationship; however several therapist were aware of the relationship at that time. X’s statement.

    In J’s investigation, he stated that the evidence was contradictory, but was concerns that multiple witnesses had seen Ms. “A”visibly distressed after the alleged incident. X testimony that he saw “A” and B laughing and joking about a code silver in the cafeteria, still eating breakfast two hours after their shift ended puts this key observation in doubt.

    X saw “A” talking to D two days prior to the incident and overheard “A” asking D to text B to ask her out. X interjected saying that B wasn’t a good match for D. After the exchange, “A” confronted X outside and asked her why she didn’t think that B was good for D.

    The incident strongly undermines Ms. A’s narrative. If “A” and B detested D from the start, why “A” be asking D to text B? Why would she be upset when another therapist say that B wasn’t good for D? Shouldn’t she have agreed?

    That D had texted B is used to buttress the finding of his culpability in the report. But the fact that “A” was seen pressuring D to text her undermines the report’s attempt to portray Dennis as some kind of sexual predator.

    The report also uses descriptions of D as ‘ touchy feely’ to build a picture of him as sexually aggressive. What the report leaves out is the many reports that there is a culture of friendliness and even flirtatiousness in the department that was reported to the investigator but not included in the report.- X’s statement also speaks to the fact that Latinos are culturally more open to hug etc. when greeting another person.

    One should never assume compliance investigators will be honest and impartial. HR employees have been demonstrated to lie pervasively in many courts cases across the country and these are the same types who ignore genuine sexual harassment complaints years ago. Sexual harassment undoubtedly occurs and causes grief to those affected. However, false accusations of sexual harassment are much, much more damaging and yet those of us accused have no protection or recourse, It is a trap, which is my case.

    Currently sexual harassment law may help real victims, but it opens a wide door to unbelievably easy abuse, thus the law works in favor of false accusers and institutions/ organizations that take their side.

    I researched that there are several women who can and will twist facts to their advantage. In today’s litigious society, if you are a male accused of sexual harassment, you are immediately fired.

  • dencapiche

    Please!!!! any Attorney who can help me with my case. or anyboby who can recommend me a good attorney will be appreciated. emai me at dencapiche@yahoo.com. Thanks Dennis

  • Joshua

    I was recently informed I am being sued for a sexual harassment comment that I allegedly made to a customer asking her to “donate” her boobs to science. My entire line had been “Would you like to make a donation to St. Jude’s? Next it will ask you for your pin, followed by a cash back question. Now it will ask you to confirm it. And after that it will ask you if you wish to donate your body to science considering that is the way science seems to be headed” in a joking way. I got informed today that the lady has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against me.

    • Brad Lane

      Karma 🙂 support more murderers

  • Anthony

    Hi Guys, I have an interesting case here and need a bit of advice. I was accused of sexual harassment in a Facebook group originally who deals with Life models. A young lady who I worked with for the first time ever as a Life model and me Art teacher in a class and screen printed on facebook my private emails to her. I found out she is a wrestler and boxer and wanted to be a private Muse for Artists. So I made a joke with her as i had a really friendly first contact. asking her if she wanted to do private modeling with me and do some good old Wrestling. She didn’t take it well obviously, opened a discussion on FB and about 30 people went mad saying that’s not on, Another girl brought out another email from a year ago where she says she does like the fact i shown interest not says she will let it go then. That was a very dishonest story from her side and stole venues and clients from me so she had to also try to get me out of business… They’ve asked others to come in and talk to a police officer if anything to report. It won’t be much to report but who knows as this is all private life. I have a professional life with running Art classes and my own boss and treat everybody really well. My main competitor heard of it and she is now ready to try to get me out of business using twitter, facebook and wrote to sponsors, will write to venues. What is the worse that could happen and what can I do to defend myself and at what time? This is happening in London UK

    • Waxmell

      i would like to request assistance for assistance, i have worked with a certain lady for over seven years, and when she joined the company i was interested in her, and all our conversations with her were over facebook, and that was as mush as it went there was never anything beyond those conversations on face book ( i will recover all these and and post them, on you advice if legal) she has recently raised a concern grievance against me regarding an email i sent to a senior member of staff (at the same level as me) telling them that she was not contributing much to the company. on top of this she has brought up the issue of my interest in her in 2009, and has stated it categorically as sexual harassment. Her work contract will be expiring soon and the company has made her knowledgeable of this. I see this as trying to go down with everyone on her way but will appreciate your advise on this. Can i counter sue for request that the matter be investigated further to prove if there was any “harassment” at any point in our communication?

    • Waxmell

      Hey did you ever get assistance after the false accusation of sexual harassement, i am going through the same thing, but will gather as much information as possible as this girl’s allegations are unfounded… because we are having differences at work she is bringing that happened years ago that she never classified as harassment because were we friends then.

  • Blanche

    I’m in secondary school and one of my female classmates started accusing me of being a lesbian ,that i stare at her and even her ass, which is not true. she went about telling all my classmates who believed her for reasons i don’t know. I am really confused right now and i don’t know what to do to prove that I am innocent. Please help me, it is really hurting me and damaging my reputation.Thanks

  • Waxmell

    i would like to request assistance for assistance, i have worked with a certain lady for over seven years, and when she joined the company i was interested in her, and all our conversations with her were over facebook, and that was as mush as it went there was never anything beyond those conversations on face book ( i will recover all these and and post them, on you advice if legal) she has recently raised a concern grievance against me regarding an email i sent to a senior member of staff (at the same level as me) telling them that she was not contributing much to the company. on top of this she has brought up the issue of my interest in her in 2009, and has stated it categorically as sexual harassment. Her work contract will be expiring soon and the company has made her knowledgeable of this. I see this as trying to go down with everyone on her way but will appreciate your advise on this. Can i counter sue for request that the matter be investigated further to prove if there was any “harassment” at any point in our communication?

  • Zai Neric

    My lady boss was given final warning by her boss because a male staff complaint about her of poking him and harrassing him by telling him he should not staying for overtime because there is no need. My boss was not given all the facts about the written complaint and testimonies of witnesses. It is very distraughting to my boss ; because she isl not like that. Can you give advice on what to do? Thanks

  • Zai Neric

    My lady boss was given final warning by her boss because a male staff complaint about her of poking him and harrassing him by telling him he should not staying for overtime because there is no need. My boss was not given all the facts about the written complaint and testimonies of witnesses. It is very distraughting to my boss ; because she isl not like that. Can you give advice on what to do? Thanks

  • fredbird67

    I was in this very same situation at a job I had back in 1998 due to 1) the town I was living in being very hostile to outsiders such as myself, and 2) a VERY bitter power struggle I was caught in the middle of, putting two strikes against me before I inasmuch as even started that job without even knowing it. Thankfully, the job didn’t pay very well to begin with anyway, so I didn’t bother with suing. A year after being fired from there, I found a better-paying job elsewhere where I still am today.

  • Jane Doe

    Hi, I am currently freaking out because I was fired for a sexual harassment accusation and I hadn’t realized how it will haunt me for the rest of my life nor that I should have fought it while they had me on suspension. I had no clue of what was going on due to the fact that it was the only job I had ever really worked for being 19. I need some advice on whether or not I’m screwed.

  • Jamie Johnson

    Reading everything below is why I avoid EVERYONE in the workplace. At least then it just makes it harder for people to accuse me of shit I’ve never done. I am NEVER alone with anybody, and I make sure I am on EVERY camera in the damn building if I am forced to 1on1 with anybody. ALL meetings are open door with no exceptions students and faculty alike.
    One of my colleagues was dragged through the mud a few years ago by a student, and WHEN he took the college and student to court the primary motivator of said accusation was, and I shit you not, she was failing the class…

    ^THIS is why I refuse to mentor ANYBODY. I have compartmentalized every aspect of campus life from my everyday life. I avoid students (like the plague) if they see me off campus, and I go to no faculty functions. I’ve even gotten to the point where I don’t even offer recommendations anymore. Being a professor used to be rewarding, but now I think I’m done. I can’t handle this kind of crap anymore. Too much eggshell walking for me. Academe is literally shit that hit the fan.

  • NA

    Hi MD,
    I am also facing false allegation from my co-worker. Initial investigation has been started by the company. I have not done anything except given her pressure to concentrate on her work instead of chatting with others.
    Pls guide

  • Murano

    I think that at colleges and universities women should dress appropriately in class, stop pretending that see though dresses, panties like shorts they wear for themselves, to be sexy for themselves, to be in love themselves. Fashion is a statement of the women’s beauty, but when students go to the profs to their offices, sit their for hours, demand special attention, flirt, bring their attention to their looks, see-through outfits, accept jokes, laugh then go and write reports of sexual harassment it is indecent and very low. In particular when professor proposes to change an academic advisor and stay away from him. So, revenge to destroy him his family, bring him down is a usual hunt. Young students hunting profs down having fun and sadistically feeling in control.When we start the hanging professors who complimented on the outfit or a skirt. It would be funny site – students come to see the execution, how professor who was accused of complimenting on jeans, skirts , bows and so on are hanged out as they guilty as a woman says that and executors , presidents and running around administration would eagerly do that. It would be wonderful to put them to crematory and fire them literally and the ashes put near campus bushes, so they grow better, maybe another more kind of an agreeable prof will grow on its brunches

  • Jonny Donnelly

    For any sociopathic women who indulges in this game, its sort of like a sport. A game they like to win. But if she can’t get the required reaction from her male target, to her little set piece provocations, it soon becomes an obsession for her to win. To help her case succeed, she will have been”grooming” witnesses in the background, all sworn to secrecy, of course. She will drip feed these silent witnesses with her versions of the unfolding story, complete with emotions & tears, to make it all look so real. These carefully groomed witnesses are an important part of presenting a more convincing case. If she can’t get his reaction, and or a harassment charge fairly soon, her stories of being harassed start looking a bit hollow to these background witnesses. This presents the real possibility that her master plan hoax could backfire on her.

    Yes, Im giving away some trade secrets here, which could inadvertently help future hoaxers, but my aim is to help out their targets (victims)

    Never ever ever react to a blatant provocation from a woman you don’t know well. Don’t even ask her why she did it…….because thats exactly what she wants you to do, if she’s a harassment hoaxer…….

  • Eric K

    I was accused of sexual harassment in school by this girl who is constantly talking about her state of mental instability and we were sitting across from each other at lunch about 2 hours later I was called in with a victim report by this girl saying I inappropriately touched her it is ridiculous I come home to find the Principal had called my Aunt and has notified the Cops and I’m waiting on a response (I’m a minor in NYS) What do I do?

  • Katelyn

    So I have a question, my fiancé was accused of sexual harassment because him and his coworkers took a group picture with their cell phones . He took a picture with his phone and other coworkers did also. This happened on a Tuesday on Friday he got hired to work permanently there since he was temporary. when he showed up on Monday he was told the woman- coworkers had said he had been taking pictures of them and he was under investigation for harrasing them. He says he never took pictures of them and only took that group picture and now his off work and under investigation . What can be done about this?

  • Casandra Vanfleet

    I am looking for some advice. I am one of two women in a workplace of all men (team of about 20). Not only that, but I am also the youngest member of the team. When I first started I got a lot of attention, and it eventually calmed down. I never felt uncomfortable or violated. I also have, overtime become really accustomed to working in all male environments and have formed a thick skin for comments made or behavior. I am not saying I don’t stick up for myself, but if I took every comment made in a predominantly male community to heart than I would not choose to work there. If and when I feel like something has crossed the line I absolutely confront this person and it is always resolved on a positive note that I feel comfortable with. Most inappropriate things that are said or done around me, I typically ignore. Most of the time these things come off like jokes, and I can hold my own in that department! There is one individual that I have an awesome work dynamic with, there have been several occasions he has flirted with me and like I mentioned I have written off like a joke, ignored or if I felt appropriate, I confronted. He has never made me feel uncomfortable to a point where I felt like it needed to be escalated. He is good friends with my fiancé and he is married with two kids. I have never felt like he would actually abandon that over some jokes made. This week I was called into the HR office to be questioned on allegations of sexual harassment. The allegations were made by a third party, and it was a very awkward conversation. The questions involved provocative dancing (him dancing, not me), lint rolling in inappropriate areas (yeah I’m serious), a few other minor things, and then the last allegation was us kissing in the front of the building (which is all windows). Basically to get to the point here, everything was very much exaggerated and the kissing was completely fabricated. Rumors are spreading and I am feeling very judged and now uncomfortable (for the first time ever) in my workplace. People are looking at me like I am involved with a married man, I have been crying at work because the reputation I worked so hard to build as a successful woman at our sales site is being diluted. I told everything to my fiancé because I have done nothing wrong and now he is uncomfortable with my work environment. I don’t know what to do, and I feel like this is a specific target at the alleged male and I am an easy target being the only girl (other than a much older woman on the other side of the sales floor). I feel like I am not being respected as an individual who can take care of herself but rather a tool to get someone else in trouble. I have voiced this to my Sales manager and he agrees with me, but nothing has been done.

  • ethe lanoble

    Sexual harassment in workplace is becoming a more common issue these days and has turned to be a dismay for women as the percentage of women who face harassment over men has got a major difference in figures.

  • billl

    wow, I just found this site…this happened to me today!! I have been suspended pending investigation of sexual harassment!! right out of left field, 8 years of teaching at this college with no complaints, and a 98% student approval rate!! I am devastated, and extremely upset…but I suspect it is a former student(adult) who had a huge crush, almost obsession with me..I avoided her like the plague after class, but she hounded me..she told me hates her husband, her 5 kids are all grown and she wants to have an affair with me!! I didn’t know what to do, but I did tell this to another teacher..I also told this woman I was married and happy, but she is somewhat unbalanced, as other students knew, and she didn’t relent…..I think this is revenge from her, but HR won’t tell me who the complainant is..how can I defend myself without this information??…I feel like quitting, I don’t need or deserve this hassle.

  • Alex Vincent

    Trust me when I say that I am aware of how sexist or offensive this may sound, hell it may well be, but I don’t mean for it to be so, and I just have to say this. I feel like if we’re not careful with, I don’t know how to say it…(Yes I know how this sounds) stuff like sexual harassment claims (false or not) and the attitudes we have towards things like domestic violence, it could really backfire one day. Now before I get criticism, just ask yourself this: “When was the last time I saw a domestic violence campaign in which the violence was not male on female?” Yes I know this is certainly the most common type, but think about it. No matter how big the man is all you have to do, regardless of your gender, to threaten him is find a sharp knife, or maybe a crowbar or anything that could be a weapon. And assuming that the man isn’t trained extensively, or even mildly, in combat, which most men are, that knife gives whoever is holding it all the power. And that’s only physical abuse. What if for example the other, physically weaker, partner threatens slander, or maybe withholding sex, or potentially any number of things if they’re smart enough to pull it off? I agree that male on female violence and sexual harassment is the most common, but if we don’t pay attention to all forms of abuse, then all that will result is more ignorance.

  • Atiba Porter

    My current situation is almost this but a little different. I am a Security Manager and the client for the site I work for wanted nothing but female officers, that being said I had one female officer who is into females and would try and hit on most of my staff and always got shut down, but when that happened she went from normal flirting and texting to harassing the females. Once I got wind of this situation I reported her and was asked to suspend her, upon her suspension she decided to get back at me by spreading rumors of me having relationships with 3 of my staff members one of which is pregnant, my HR decided to come and question all of Officers about the once former employee and they were honest and told the truth that her attitude switches in a heart beat, and that she chose to spread a lot of hurtful rumors upon her last day. Fast forward a month and I was called to my head office and questioned about the said rumors and how the accusations have to be take seriously (my guess is because she is now trying to sue) so I was suspended although they have no proof of me doing any of this and they even All of my staffs statements saying this was not true. My suspension is now going on two weeks while they investigate.

  • Helen of Troy

    It is frighteningly easy for two men to harass a woman alone on a running trail, too. We have reached the apex of Huxley’s 1984. Need cameras everywhere because some men are scumbag animals.

  • Waleed

    I’m in a situation where my ex girlfriend is filing a report against me for sexual harassment against her. Many of my friends who I’ve trusted to confide in believe her to be in the wrong, and me being falsely accused under little to no evidence on her behalf. If anyone could give me any advice on how to handle my situation, mentally, emotionally, and any steps i should take, i would greatly appreciate it.

  • john

    hi i am being accused of sexual harassment by one of my employee’s, under a matter that happened under both parties consent and willingness to happen? can i still be at risk.?

    • john

      also she is spreading more and more things around to the staff that never happened, this also happened months ago and after she sopped getting my attention she put her two weeks in and after the two weeks decided to not leave and claim sexual harassment if i fired her

  • Nicu dorin

    hello there im facing a situation at the work place…….i’m a bartander and i have a female co-worker as a college and i said her skirt is sexy once and only once that happend after we’ve worked toghether 5 moths and boom after 2 weeks she accused me of sexuall herassment what should i do ?

  • CD

    What happens if a girl repeatedly gets into a two boys conversation and one of the boys asks her to stop getting into their talk, but she keeps interfering with them and make them upset? After a while, one gets fed up and tells her to suck his ****? He had no idea of what that frase literally meant, but he did know it was no good. He made a bad choice instead of ignoring her. Now he is accused of sexual harassment, even when he did not know what it meant and did admit he said that. He is praised everywhere for being kind, polite, respectful and a good leader from family to teachers and classmates and it is his first incident. Did the girl harass him knowing he did not want to speak with her? How is it possible for it to be an actual sexual harassment if he did not know the meaning of it? Neither made body language that would suggest that horrible frase. This happened in elementary school.

  • J.H.

    I’ve been on this planet for 55 years. And I’ve seen a lot of shyt.
    I have never seen a woman sexually harassed in the workplace or anywhere else. Nobody would stand for it.
    However, I’ve seen countless women use their sexuality in the workplace to get promotions, special treatment, etc..
    I’ve also seen them use their sexuality to punish others.
    Why are women constantly portrayed as victims of sexual harassment? When most of the time, women know exactly what they are doing and are the instigators.

    • LMJ313


  • LMJ313

    I have a male friend who experienced one of the worst cases of false harassment charges I had ever heard. He was friends with a woman he worked with for over 15 years. She knew and met his wife and kids. She was even at his wedding. They went to lunch a lot together. Always platonic. They supported one another.. He gets called down to HR one day and finds out that she’s accused him of harassing her. Sure, he was shocked…but not as much as HR. He proceeds to tell them about how they had been friends for a really long time, only her story to HR mentioned none of that. Instead of sitting around waiting for HR to do an investigation – he produces an electronic backup of over 11 years of email exchanges and over 6 years of text messages. The HR department where he works was gob-smacked and backed into a corner. All of the messages and communications were done on work equipment, so they were able to verify that what he had was genuine. No sexual talk or flirting, it just came across as two buds being friends and making each other laugh. They were so taken aback at how overwhelmingly different his side of the story was that they ended up calling her back to HR to clarify her problem. Her biggest complaint? When the snow was really heavy and he was out driving on dangerous roads to pick up last minute supplies….he would text her to see if she needed anything because he had to pass her house when he was going to and coming home from the market. She claimed that she wanted him to stop and never wanted that to begin with. Only problem was that there were archived messages in previous years of her asking him to pick up things while he was out since her car didn’t handle the snow well, His HR dept. closed the case within a week claiming that there was a gross lack of communication on her part. They put nothing on his record, but was told he can’t talk to her anymore. His story ended better for him than most men, but from what I saw he was a complete wreck for a long time after. HR took no action against her despite the complaints she made not jiving with the evidence they had. But she was the trifecta of a protected class person: female, over 50 and not white. He asked me to give him a woman’s perspective. I told him that from what I could see, she may have figured out that her job was in danger and that she might have been preparing to be fired. There is no quicker way for a woman to legally hobble a company that want to get rid of her than by filing a harassment complaint, because even if HR suspects that a complaint is manufactured – they are stuck because getting rid of a person after they’ve made a complaint can be construed as retaliation. So now he has to work with a woman who tried to get him fired, lied to HR with no repercussions and he can’t say a word to her. There are a lot of sleaze-balls out there who genuinely harass women on the job, but anybody who thinks that women could never make anything like that up and lie to an HR department for ulterior motives is naive.

  • Nigel Spate

    It is so easy for a coworker to cause an incident and them turn the tables on you. If you are a sub contractor you have no rights so a twisted individual can loose you your job by fabricating a pack of lies and you are history!

  • ra232

    In America false accusations are the norm. I was falsely accused by a so called “social worker” who had not even finished her degree TWICE and found innocent by the Department of Children and Family. I spent over 20 K and was nearly driven to suicide. When I asked my attorneies if I could sue for compensation I was told the accuser is “mandated” (to lie) and immune (to whatever she gets to do) and I have no rights. Ok fine. I am going to leave the US of A and you can take your nation and keep it. I rather be rotting in he** than live in America. USSR was far more compassionate than America and I will never shut up. Go on and do your worst because I am a man with nothing to lose and you have nothing more to take from me. I am done with you America and your lies and vile claims of justice.

  • Angel Paulina

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  • Kelly Kiesel

    It’s also frightening that no action is taken because it’s a case of he said she said. Forcing the victim to be further victimized having to continue working with the perpetrator. Why speak up and file reports both at work and with the police department if no action will be taken? It’s unsubstatiated. No physical proof or witness because the perpatrator knows not to do things when someone else is around.

  • roy

    hi im a filipino ive been accused of false sexual harrassment she and here in the philipppines rape is a very serious matter but the truth is she allowed me to have sex with her but after we finished she suddenly change and crying and angry and she told me that she is not a dirty woman and she will complain anyway she is a home service therapist .. i asked her if she can play with me she says no and as a man i tried again and we are just smiling and flirting as aman i feel she wanted it too so i said just rest a little here beside me and then after the long flirting she sat beside me and i hug her and kissed her but she is softly blocking my hand but as a man we know if a woman is ready for it or not so i keep touching her and i not to strongly put her pants down and touch her breast and thats it it happend i did some sexual positions as well and she is already holding my hand and squeezing my arms and butt and after all the plays she suddenly she become crazy and wants to complain so i asked her why she said she is not a dirty woman so i appologize in a very calm way for about an hour and i give her her massage payment with little big tip but she is getting more weird she told me she just need the massage payment and after that she go to the security in the hotel and there i was accused of sexual assult RAPE soi was scared and thinking this is a very serius problem and after so many talks and apologize the head security told me they want to settle and i need to pay 100,000 peso and i beg for 65,000 an they agreed not to continue the fape case but i feel it was a setup can i counter complain because i had a short clip of us doing some sex that she called rape holding hands touching but and all … is there a chance that i can complain as well and can i get my money back please help me

  • Zak kirby

    Hey a friend of mine is being investigated by the police on a bogus sexual assault charge. He is supposed to contact the officer later today and explain his side of the story but I’m afraid the officer is extremely biased towards her side and may arrest him anyways. Is there anything I can do to help prevent wrongful arrest or harassment from this cop? I fully intend to record the entire conversation between them later by the way

  • Cyndy

    My sister recently posted a pic on social media of her best friend & had comments. It was a joke among teens but now the principal has some agenda to get her expelled and accuse her of sexual harassment. Her best friend and parents went to the principal and said there’s no complaint and the explusion punishment is very harsh especially on a high school student who is about to enter college. My sister also has not admitted of her sexuality but she dresses and looks like a boy. Earlier this school year, she was subject to discrimination from the principal and another family because of how she looks. So I think this expelling my sister came into play so the principal can get rid of “1 problem”… what are the cases she (principal) has if there’s no complaint from the best friend?

  • Perri

    I didn’t have to get very far to see this is a biased article. The sentence; “Merit is determined through a proper investigation: a fact-finding process aimed at clarifying and assessing the issues raised by the allegations.”

    The problem is, when women accuse men of sexual harassment, there is no investigation, there are no fact-finding measures taken, and the accuser has no burden of proof.

    In the US, Title IX of the Board of Education provides no due process for those (men) accused of sexual harassment or violence. They have no recourse for representation, cross examination, or to even dispute the charges. In most cases, the man is not even permitted to speak about the case. There is no hearing, no deposition and no trial.

    Accusations of sexual harassment, racial discrimination and religious discrimination have been perverted to become “misogyny/sexism and homophobia,” “racism,” and “xenophobia,” without any merit. Magazines publish false stories of campus rape based on fiction and pass it off as fact. And simply making eye contact with a woman can be considered sexual harassment.

    For women who really are sexually harassed, abused and assaulted; the false, bogus accusations taint there real rights. Allegations absolutely can be “true” or “false.” It comes between facts and lies.

  • Francois Hugo

    So myself and another colleague were having a chat.Nothing to do with the person whom is claiming I sexually harrassed her.She went to HR and complained that I sexually harrassed her and she felt uncomfortable about what we discussed.
    In the meantime,my reputation gets a knock,me as a humanbeing,my future in my career wich I worked so hard for,and emotionly im down and stressed.
    Its false accussations she made.Theres no proof,because I didnt do anything.
    Is there something I can do,due to the fact that she bruised my wellbeing,me as a person,my reputation and slandering my name?There is no feet to stand on but im feeling that it was not fair her actions and false accusations.Please tell me what I could do. . .

  • We have created a society in Australia, which is handcuffed by laws and procedures put into the hands of persons who have also been given unfettered powers and the ability to simply ignore what they choose to and to listen and act upon ONLY what they prefer to and not what they SHOULD HAVE BEEN mandated to AND BE ADEQUATELY MONITORED AND OVERSEERED TO CARRY OUT !

    We are in fact living in a Police State, with way too many of them being intellectually incompetents wearing Police Uniforms who have not got a clue HOW TO or WHO CARE TO GO ABOUT investigating anything. It is simpler for them to just draft the paperwork and get the parties fighting even more with each other, then throw the lot of them into a courtroom. In the courtroom a Jury of persons who have not a clue about the real character of either the Complainant or the Defendant, will then have thrown at them miniscule snippets of condemnatory information about the Defendant and what is alleged to have been done by them.

    The Complainant will be treated as if everything they say is Gospel Truth and it will not be seriously and meaningfully challenged. Then the Jury will be asked who they think is telling the truth. The answer is a foregone conclusion in favour of the Complainant, and comes about from the Jury’s IGNORANCE OF TRUTH AND FACT, and having ZERO IN THE WAY OF CERTAIN KNOWLEDGE OF IT.

    The Judge wants to maintain a record of KILLS as does the DPP prosecutor, In fact you may well find that the Judge was a former DPP prosecutor which means that the two are in complete cahoots when it comes to working together to ASSASSINATE THE CHARACTER OF THE DEFENDANT. The Defence ? What about the Defence ? There is no Defence forthcoming from the Defence ! The Defence only wants to do things their way and not ( as they claim they want to), to follow the instructions given by their client Defendant. After all, when the court closes they will all likely meet in the coffee bar nearby and sip Lattes and exchange their recollections about the fun they all had MOCK ANTAGONISING each other in the courtroom.

    And so the fate of the Defendant is vrtually sealed before the case even gets into the courtroom. NO-ONE INVESTIGATED IF THE ALLEGATIONS WERE JUSTIFIED IN THE FIRST PLACE !

    Only those who have investigated POLICE FAILURE TO INITIALLY INVESTIGATE BEFORE LAYING CHARGES, as indeed I have, would be able to relate to what I state here to be 100% true. DO NOT TRUST POLICE. DO NOT TRUST JUST ANY LAWYER.



  • billgiamou

    Men continue to be accused of this horrific crime. Until liars (along with police officers who help fabricate stories of sexual assault) are prosecuted and jailed….this will never disappear.

  • juanita kawana

    Hi I am a mother of a 13yr old boy and he has been accused of sexual harassment at school.. so far the school has suspended him and he is and has denied all allagations in which I believe him. I am just wanting some advice on how to approach the interview with the principal and police if it should go this far..

    Thankyou sincerely