Topic: Academic freedom

Understanding the right to freedom of expression and its place on campus

By Richard Moon

As free speech on campus flares up in the media, it is important to understand the nuances of the debate. How do […]


Debwewin: to speak the truth – Nishnabek de’bwewin: telling our truths

By David Newhouse

Indigenous perspectives on truth, academic freedom, and tenure have only recently started to be meaningfully reflected in academic discourse. If embraced, these […]


A manufactured crisis: the Ford government’s troubling free speech mandate

By James L. Turk

The Ontario government is requiring the province’s public universities and colleges to develop new free speech policies or lose funding. Are these […]


Editorial Matters: Something to talk about

By Ben Lewis

Over the past few years, the debate about freedom of speech on university campuses has increased in intensity. Often sparked by high […]


Divisions in the university commons yield dividends: A partial review of Peter MacKinnon’s University Commons Divided

By Root Gorelick

In University Commons Divided, Peter MacKinnon, the long-serving president of the University of Saskatchewan, has written an interesting introduction to some of […]


What you need to know about the new free speech pledge for universities

UK universities may no longer be able to ban controversial speakers from giving talks on campus – those that continue to do so could face a fine. The freedom to debate and discuss difficult topics should remain a central feature of university life, according to the universities minister, Sam Gyimah.


OCUFA releases principles for the Ontario university funding formula review

The provincial government has signaled that it intends to review the formula according to which funding is allocated to universities. Over the […]


The Quiet Campus: The Anatomy of Dissent at Canadian Universities

By Ken Coates

The remarkable—a word that can be read in many different ways—2012 student protests in Quebec have stirred memories of the activist campuses […]


Men in suits chasing a dollar symbol at the end of a fishing rod

Higher Education or Education for Hire? Corporatization and the Threat to Democratic Thinking

By Joel Westheimer

Teaching critical thinking is the university’s democratic mission, argues the University of Ottawa’s Joel Westheimer, and today’s universities are failing to deliver. Universities need to reverse the trend that has them focusing on workforce preparation and the commercialization of knowledge and resurrect higher education’s public purpose.


The Real Case Against Tenure

By Pat Finn

A lot of nonsense is paraded as truth in arguments favouring getting rid of tenure. They are of the sort that show […]