Topic: Academic freedom

The Quiet Campus: The Anatomy of Dissent at Canadian Universities

By Ken Coates

The remarkable—a word that can be read in many different ways—2012 student protests in Quebec have stirred memories of the activist campuses […]


Men in suits chasing a dollar symbol at the end of a fishing rod

Higher Education or Education for Hire? Corporatization and the Threat to Democratic Thinking

By Joel Westheimer

Teaching critical thinking is the university’s democratic mission, argues the University of Ottawa’s Joel Westheimer, and today’s universities are failing to deliver. Universities need to reverse the trend that has them focusing on workforce preparation and the commercialization of knowledge and resurrect higher education’s public purpose.


The Real Case Against Tenure

By Pat Finn

A lot of nonsense is paraded as truth in arguments favouring getting rid of tenure. They are of the sort that show […]


The Tenure Blues

By Mark Kingwell

Is the institution of tenure supportable? No, but not for the reasons you may think. Routine complaints about iron-clad job security and […]