Topic: Academic mentorship

The importance of supporting international students with financial literacy education

By Vuong Hoang Tran and Victoria Handford, Thompson Rivers University

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has indicated that financial knowledge is a central life skill for participation in modern […]


Why building community – even through discomfort – could help stressed university and college students

A sense of belonging can enhance the college experience. Shutterstock It is a growing problem on campuses across America. Students entering college […]


Student perspectives on good teaching: what history reveals

By Paul Axelrod

What constitutes effective and engaging university pedagogy, and have student impressions of this changed through the ages? My reading of memoirs, biographies, […]


Mentors play critical role in quality of university and college experience, new poll suggests

In order to have a rewarding college experience, students should build a constellation of mentors. This constellation should be a diverse set of faculty, staff and peers who will get students out of their comfort zones and challenge them to learn more – and more deeply – than they thought they could. Students should begin to build this network during their first year of college.


PhD completion: an evidence-based guide for students, supervisors and universities

This discrepancy does not necessarily mean postgraduate research students “failed” their degree. Common reasons not completing a degree include changes of career goals, work-family conflicts, poor health or financial strain. Alternatively, some students remain enrolled in their degree for long periods without making significant progress.


Navigating racism: Black graduate students need support

I have mixed feelings about my experiences in graduate school. As a Black, first-generation Canadian and the first in my family to become a doctoral student, I did not understand the culture of the academy. If I knew then what I know now as an Adjunct Professor teaching part time, I might have made different choices.


Stop treating students like customers and start working with them as partners in learning

  Students and lecturers at the University of Queensland researching ‘students as partners’ activities across Australian universities. The University of Queensland University […]


A graduation cap filled with social-media related icons

Living Publicly on Campus: Social Media and Its Discontents

By Martin Hand

There’s little point in adopting a reactionary approach to the pervasive use of social media on campus. Members of the university community are deciding how social media works on campus, and they will work through the problems as they arise.


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Sexual harassment cases on campus: How have labour arbitrators ruled?

By Cynthia Petersen

Labour arbitrators recognize there’s an important social component to academic life, within limits. Labour-side lawyer Cynthia Petersen reviews Canadian arbitral jurisprudence and how arbitrators have decided in thorny cases involving sexual harassment.