Topic: Academic mentorship

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Hot for Teacher: Rethinking Education’s Sexual Harassment Policies

By Michelle Miller

Sexual harassment policies assume that teachers have power and students don’t, argues Michelle Miller. Such policies risk outlawing consensual relationships that are “delicious, frightening, unruly” and just might reflect the excitement, even eroticism, of learning.


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Policing Professors

By Rebecca Coulter

The nature of the current push to police the lives of professors and students provides a salutary lesson about unintended consequences.


Ten Things About Your Course Syllabus

By Bonnie Kaserman

Yes, obviously, you need to put your office hours, due dates, and course readings & assignments. Here are ten other things to consider.


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Considering a career in academia? Here are some (observed) realities

By Christina Skorobohacz

Thinking about becoming an academic? A graduate student and aspiring academic reflects on a semester-long internship shadowing an assistant professor. Anyone contemplating an academic career will find this reflection of particular interest.


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A time to teach: Reflections upon pedagogy in the life of a graduate student

By Kevin Carey

Does the dearth of pedagogical training and awareness and too-heavy overburdened workloads contribute to culture of “antipedagogy” on campus?


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Acting Out of Character in the Immortal Profession: Toward a Free Trait Agreement

By Brian R. Little

Sometimes, the academic life demands that faculty deny their fundamental personality traits. But if collegial respect includes allowing colleagues the latitude to nurture their true characters, academics can survive and thrive amidst the challenges of academic life.


Teaching Mentorship Matters

By Nemanja Danilovic and John A. Nychka

Learning how to teach is an important process of academic life. But when should it begin? How does it happen? Who should be involved? Who is responsible?


John S. Saul: a passionate scholar

By Thomas Klassen

In a long career and life, there are ample opportunities to take sides, make judgements, and reach firm conclusions. This is perhaps […]


Why I Teach Intro

By Robert Brym

You probably recall that in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four the authorities bring Winston Smith to a torture chamber to break his loyalty […]


Creating the engaged student

By Ann Sherman

As university professors, many of us have very busy schedules of teaching and research. For some, the first passion is research. But […]