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A person stands against the wall in a library and reads a book.

Why arts degrees and other generalist programs are the future of Australian higher education

This article is the first in our series on big ideas for the Universities Accord. The federal government is calling for ideas […]


A close up of a hand painting on a canvas

ChatGPT, DALL-E 2 and the collapse of the creative process


An old image of Monopoly, with the title The Landlord's Game

How Monopoly informs academia and economics, even when it’s not obvious


Library interior with wood paneling and bookshelves.

The war in Ukraine shows how libraries play a vital role in challenging disinformation

The library at the Barockhaus Museum in Görlitz, Germany. Libraries play a vital role in preserving texts and challenging disinformation. (Shutterstock) Libraries […]


How the pandemic changed my approach to humanities research and scholarship: A personal reflection

Ruth Panofsky, Ryerson University

Now that I am sufficiently removed from the dire doomsday feelings of March 2020, when COVID-19 first took hold and I was […]


Ethnic diversity on campus helps break down stereotypes

Students who attend racially diverse colleges benefit socially. FatCamera/GettyImages The big idea When students attend ethnically diverse colleges, their enriched experience transforms […]


A parent’s view of educational copying and #CopyrightReview

Meera Nair

Dear Mr. Boissonnault: I write in connection to remarks you made on November 22, during a meeting of the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage (beginning […]


The English-Canadian media’s selective outrage on bilingualism

Québec Premier Francois Legault, left, exchanges hockey jerseys with Ontario Premier Doug Ford at Queens Park, in Toronto on Nov. 19, 2018. […]


How playful design is transforming university education

A group of 25 interns sit at Baycrest Health Sciences, a research centre for aging in Canada, their eyes glued to their smart phones. They are playing SOS — an award-winning game that simulates real-world gerontology practice — where they compete with other students to earn virtual currency. Across town, a group of professors sit around a table at George Brown College, designing a role-playing game with a virtual hospital called The Grid, based on a Matrix-like theme of saving the world from ignorance, for an accredited program in health sciences. Yet another team of game programmers are hard at work at Humber College, building a virtual reality experience of a subway car after a bomb incident. Players wear goggles, moving from person to person, saving some and tagging others for care later on.


Congress 2017: Ask Someone You Don’t Know About Something You Don’t Know

Cheryl Athersych

Above the Expo in a hallway, I found an art installation exhibit that, in a quiet and unassuming way, pulled together many […]