Take Your Online Teaching to the Next Level


Whether you are teaching a blended course (where a significant portion of the course takes place online) or have been using your institution’s course management system to supplement your face to face course, there are a couple tools that can be used to take online teaching and learning to the next level.  Level 1 YouTube […]

Mobile Learning in the 21st Century


Cheap and ubiquitous technological resources have reshaped our geopolitical and economic realities, by providing individuals with almost instant access to the collective knowledge of humankind

Technology Enhanced Meetings


As we move closer to the end of the academic year, many professors are also transitioning into the season of meetings. Instead of putting the tech tools that have become an essential part of university learning away, professors should consider using these resources outside of class. Just as many instructional technologies have been used to engage students, they can also be used before, during, and after faculty meetings to engage colleagues and make meetings more efficient and effective.