Topic: Collective bargaining

Capitalist creep on campus: the largest, quietest privatisation in UK history – it’s why we’re striking

Pexels For the next week and a half, many UK university lecturers will be on strike again, but who outside of academia […]


University strikes in the UK: Why they’re happening and what you need to know

shutterstock/Ray Morgan Eight days of strike action announced by academics will run November 25 until December 4. After that, industrial action will […]


Retirement options for Canadians have changed dramatically

By Thomas Klassen, York University

The plan by the Ontario government to reduce the wages of professors at age 71 illustrates the dramatic changes in the relationship […]


Can Collegiality Be Negotiated? University Governance and Collective Bargaining

By Mark Crane, Ph.D.

After a marathon bargaining session that stretched into the pre-dawn hours of November 26, 2015 the Nipissing University Faculty Association (NUFA) reached […]


Canada’s universities and the loss of UCASS data: Scrambling for an alternative

By Felice Martinello

UCASS was an invaluable tool for collective bargaining and research into universities. Now that Statistics Canada has cancelled the dataset, faculty and administrators will need to find a trustworthy replacement.


The bare feet of a couple who are in bed together

Collective Bargaining and Campus Bedrooms

By Aniko Varpalotai and Mike Dawes

University administration proposals dealing with personal relationships have had more to do with control over, and performance management of, faculty members than with concerns about equity and harassment.