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Zero-hour contracts take a huge mental and physical toll – poor eating habits, lack of sleep and relationship problems

The number of workers on zero-hours contracts continues to rise in the UK. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimates that between […]


Precarious employment in education impacts workers, families and students

Beneath the typical full-time, permanent model of classroom teaching lies an enormous workforce of educators who function on the margins as precarious […]


Casual academics aren’t going anywhere, so what can universities do to ensure learning isn’t affected?

By Dorothy Wardale, Curtin University; Julia Richardson, Curtin University, and Yuliani Suseno, Edith Cowan University

Casual academics provide flexibility for universities at a time when student numbers are uncertain. from More Australian universities are relying on […]


How we can turn the tide for women in science

For the first time in 55 years, a woman has won the Nobel Prize in physics — Prof. Donna Strickland. This win has publicly highlighted that women are still under-represented in science, particularly in physics. As a woman in physics, this lack of diversity is something that I encounter almost daily, and also something that we can take action to change.


It’s time to invest in a faculty renewal strategy for Ontario’s universities

By Gyllian Phillips

For years, full-time faculty hiring has stagnated at Ontario’s universities, even as student enrolment has increased dramatically. It’s time for the government […]


Congress 2017: Challenges to the integrity of academic hiring practices

By Cheryl Athersych

During Congress 2017, a session on the Challenges to the Integrity of Academic Hiring Practices in the Corporate University encouraged participants to […]


A personal perspective of contract instructing in Ontario

By Andrew Robinson

Contract faculty work in Ontario is unfair, ineffective, and ready for a shakeup.


Zero-hours contracts and precarious academic work in the UK

By Jonathan White

The University and College Union is fighting back against zero-hour contracts that trap thousands in casualized work.


Organizing against the widening gap in academic job security in Australia

By Jeannie Rea

Precarious academic work is an important issue in Australia, and the National Tertiary Education Union is making it a priority.


OCUFA releases principles for the Ontario university funding formula review

The provincial government has signaled that it intends to review the formula according to which funding is allocated to universities. Over the […]