Topic: Data

The abuses and perverse effects of quantitative evaluation in the academy

By Yves Gingras

The world of academic research is scored according to so-called “objective” measures, with an emphasis on publications and citations. But the very […]


Dérives et effets pervers de l’évaluation quantitative de la recherche

By Yves Gingras

Les professeurs et les chercheurs universitaires sont de plus en plus évalués à l’aide de mesures dites « objectives », qui mettent […]


Collecting data from students with students

By Ruth Childs

Gathering data on university students can provide important information about how they interact with the postsecondary education system, but it is also […]


Understanding the United Kingdom’s Teaching Excellence Framework and its implications

By Rob Copeland

The UK’s new metrics-based teaching evaluation framework is methodologically and politically flawed. What will this mean for the country’s universities and faculty? […]


OCUFA and the University Funding Model review

By Judy Bates

OCUFA has taken a principled approach to its engagement with Ontario’s review of the university funding formula.


Congress 2015: The Canadian higher education data problem

Every year at the Canadian Society for Studies in Higher Education (CSSHE) meeting, you can count on someone – or a lot […]


HEQCO distorts faculty teaching loads: News media play along

By Dr. James Winter

In March, 2014, the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO), published a study purporting to show that Ontario professors only teach […]


Canada’s universities and the loss of UCASS data: Scrambling for an alternative

By Felice Martinello

UCASS was an invaluable tool for collective bargaining and research into universities. Now that Statistics Canada has cancelled the dataset, faculty and administrators will need to find a trustworthy replacement.


The evolution of freedom of information in Ontario: From reactive to proactice disclosure

By Ann Cavoukian, Ph.D

Much progress has been made in improving access to government information. But much more must be done; governments should embrace the ideas of Open Data and automatic disclosure to ensure accountability and citizen participation in public life.


Good government and Statistics Canada: The need for true independence

By Munir A. Sheikh

The cancellation of the long form census in 2010 raised serious questions about the independence of Statistics Canada. Munir A. Sheik, former Chief Statistician of Canada, argues that Statistics Canada needs to be insulated from political interference to ensure good data and good public policy.