Topic: Environmental sustainability

In Canada and US, fossil fuel divestment debates on campus spotlight the societal role of colleges and universities

As a new academic year begins after a summer of deadly heat waves, wildfires, droughts and floods, many college students and faculty are debating whether and how to get involved in climate politics. Climate advocacy has become well established on U.S. campuses over the past decade, in diverse forms. More than 600 colleges and universities have signed the American College and University President’s Climate Commitment. Schools are expanding interdisciplinary teaching and research in environmental studies, sustainability science and climate resilience, and investing in “greening” their campuses. And many activists on campuses around the country are participating in global campaigns like “Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice” and “Keep it in the Ground.”


Congress 2016 Day #1: Climate crisis, student unions, and even more controversy

The team at Academic Matters is always thrilled to attend the Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities, this year in Calgary, […]


Harper’s attack on science: No science, no evidence, no truth, no democracy

By Carol Linnitt

Science—and the culture of evidence and inquiry it supports—has a long relationship with democracy. Widely available facts have long served as a […]


Young man sqeezing past a water bottle machine to access a cramped water fountain

Bottled up or tapped out: Where have all the water fountains gone?

By Richard Girard and Erika Shaker

Water fountains are disappearing on university campuses. Richard Girard and Erika Shaker trace how this is yet another example of the way commercialization and privatization realigns and redefines priorities in our universities.


From Grey to Green: Environmental Sustainability at the University of Guelph

By Robert Corry

My campus is not green. It has a greenish hue The University of Guelph, like many campuses I’ve experienced, gives an impression […]


Universities in a Climate of Change

By Brian Wakelin and Kathy Wardle

Although we are not experiencing intense hurricanes or brush fires, as a northern country, Canada is more sensitive to climate change than […]


The Environmental Crisis: The Devil is in the Generalities

By Ross McKitrick

I’ve started encouraging my students not to use the word “environment.” Taken literally, it includes everything between your skin and outer space, […]


Science, Cognition and Public Policy

By William Rees

We are not a science-based society The western world, at least, thinks of itself as a post-Enlightenment world, a world freed from […]


Environmentalism and the Responsibility of Academia

By David Suzuki

Scientists, especially those in academia, have played an enormous role in the modern environmental movement. From Rachel Carson, Paul Ehrlich and Margaret […]


"The Long Boom" - book cover

The Boomers’ New Frontier

By Christopher Dummitt

Jeff Goldsmith, The Long Baby Boom (The John Hopkins University Press 2008)