Topic: Environmental sustainability

A zoo worker looks at a group of animals.

Zoos and universities must work together to safeguard wildlife and improve conservation


Am I becoming Professor Mindy? A reflection on “Don’t Look Up” and my position in the academy

Norin Taj and Alina Farrukh, University of Toronto

Last week I watched the film Don’t Look Up with my daughter, an anthropology student passionate about environmental issues and biodiversity loss. […]


Why universities are starting to re-evaluate their academics’ travel

Shutterstock/oneinchpunch As New Zealand starts lifting travel restrictions at the end of this month, academics may feel the need to catch up […]


The climate crisis gives science a new role. Here’s how research ethics must change too

Claudio Furlan/AP/AAP Young people across the world have taken to the streets again, demanding decision-makers at COP26 listen to the science. But […]


How to plan successful e-conferences during and after the COVID-19 pandemic

Exploring the unique capacities of online events, instead of trying to replicate in-person conventions, will yield the best results. (Shutterstock) Many professionals, […]


Universities need to rein in academic air travel and greenhouse gases

Researchers are keen to travel abroad but air transport makes a significant contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions. (Shutterstock) A recent article […]


A move towards conciliation in academia

Ashley Courchene

After four years, reconciliation is not what we hoped it would be in our classrooms. How did we get here, and is […]


Indigenous researchers plant seeds of hope for health and climate

Hannah Tait Neufeld, Brittany Luby, and Kim Anderson

Indigenous land-based learning provides hands-on opportunities for knowledge development that shift away from Eurocentric forms of education. How can universities use land-based […]


In Canada and US, fossil fuel divestment debates on campus spotlight the societal role of colleges and universities

As a new academic year begins after a summer of deadly heat waves, wildfires, droughts and floods, many college students and faculty are debating whether and how to get involved in climate politics. Climate advocacy has become well established on U.S. campuses over the past decade, in diverse forms. More than 600 colleges and universities have signed the American College and University President’s Climate Commitment. Schools are expanding interdisciplinary teaching and research in environmental studies, sustainability science and climate resilience, and investing in “greening” their campuses. And many activists on campuses around the country are participating in global campaigns like “Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice” and “Keep it in the Ground.”