Topic: Equity and social justice

Editorial Matters: Economics and inequality

By Ben Lewis

It is commonly understood that postsecondary education ought to focus on fostering curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, and vigorous debate, with the goal […]


Trending towards inequality: Understanding the role of universities in the rise of contract academic work

By Kimberly Ellis-Hale and Glen Copplestone

The 1990s are key to understanding how Ontario’s postsecondary institutions have systematically entrenched economic inequality between contract and tenure-stream faculty. Even with […]


Healthy research ecosystem—healthy researchers? The researcher as an organism of focus within a research ecosystem

By Michelle L.A. Nelson and Ross Upshur

The academic research environment is changing and researchers report struggling to adapt in order to be successful. Funding shortfalls are perennial, but […]


The corporatization of the university budget and its consequences for academic support workers

By Janice Folk-Dawson

As governments and administrators increasingly run universities like private corporations, academic support workers find their working conditions deteriorating and their jobs threatened. […]


How the “Student Choice Initiative” seeks to silence student voices

By Felipe Nagata

For decades, students’ unions have been raising concerns about skyrocketing tuition fees. Now, in an obscene twist, the Ford government is using […]


Identifying the gaps: Reflecting on a career pursuing understanding and equity in academia

By Donald C. Cole

Upon retiring, Professor Donald C. Cole took some time to consider his career at the University of Toronto. In doing so, he […]


Academic freedom is under threat around the world – here’s how to defend it

Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. shutterstock/Piotr Wawrzyniuk Academic freedom is at the heart of successful universities. UNESCO defines it as the right “to […]


Teaching truth and reconciliation in Canada: The perfect place to begin is right where a teacher stands

Despite challenges, teacher education offers a path to begin righting inequities and injustice. Here, people stand on a map from the Indigenous […]


What does ‘We are all treaty people’ mean, and who speaks for Indigenous students on campus?

While there has been a recent growing awareness of Indigenous cultures at Canadian universities, racism, violence and dismissal still dominate conversations on […]


Zero-hour contracts take a huge mental and physical toll – poor eating habits, lack of sleep and relationship problems

The number of workers on zero-hours contracts continues to rise in the UK. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimates that between […]