Topic: Ethics

Art School (Propositions for the 21st Century) - book cover

Ethics of Knowledge: Education, Trans-Disciplinarity and Subjectivity

By Karen Stanworth

While the specific practices of art schools concern the author, the lessons should concern any academic who questions the ethics of knowledge production, transmission, and application. A review of Steven H. Madoff, ed ., Art School:Propositions for the 21st Century (MIT Press, 2009)


University classroom

The promises and potential of the scholarship of teaching and learning: moving slowly along a fascinating path

By Gary Poole

Research into teaching and learning might confirm that some widely-used pedagogies are not effective. For some, it might seem better just not to go there.


"The Vanishing Physician-Scientist?" - book cover

Are physician-scientists a vanishing breed?

By Ross Upshur

Their research builds on the lived experience of patients and the ethical issues created by patient care in a complex, highly technological medical system. What is needed to save them? Andrew. L. Shafer, Vanishing Physician-Scientist? (Cornell University Press, 2009)