Topic: Ethics

Identifying the gaps: Reflecting on a career pursuing understanding and equity in academia

By Donald C. Cole

Upon retiring, Professor Donald C. Cole took some time to consider his career at the University of Toronto. In doing so, he […]


Debwewin: to speak the truth – Nishnabek de’bwewin: telling our truths

By David Newhouse

Indigenous perspectives on truth, academic freedom, and tenure have only recently started to be meaningfully reflected in academic discourse. If embraced, these […]


Facebook data: why ethical reviews matter in academic research

When the Facebook data of 50m users was collected by Cambridge academic Aleksandr Kogan, his actions reportedly came to the attention of […]


Chalboard with a heart and arrow drawn with chalk

Hot for Teacher: Rethinking Education’s Sexual Harassment Policies

By Michelle Miller

Sexual harassment policies assume that teachers have power and students don’t, argues Michelle Miller. Such policies risk outlawing consensual relationships that are “delicious, frightening, unruly” and just might reflect the excitement, even eroticism, of learning.


Art School (Propositions for the 21st Century) - book cover

Ethics of Knowledge: Education, Trans-Disciplinarity and Subjectivity

By Karen Stanworth

While the specific practices of art schools concern the author, the lessons should concern any academic who questions the ethics of knowledge production, transmission, and application. A review of Steven H. Madoff, ed ., Art School:Propositions for the 21st Century (MIT Press, 2009)


University classroom

The promises and potential of the scholarship of teaching and learning: moving slowly along a fascinating path

By Gary Poole

Research into teaching and learning might confirm that some widely-used pedagogies are not effective. For some, it might seem better just not to go there.


The ethical challenges in academia

By Mark Rosenfeld

In Illinois, state ethics legislation requires all public employees, including university faculty, to participate in ethics training and to be examined annually […]


Polytechnique: what we remember, what we invent, what we forget

By Karen Dubinsky

Some say Denis Villeneuve’s film, Polytechnique, about the Montreal Massacre of 1989, opens old wounds. But for many of us the wounds […]


How to Save the University

By Jeffrey G. Reitz

A review essay of Stanley Fish’s, Save the World on Your Own Time (New York: Oxford University Press, 2008). “Neither the university […]


Equity, ethics, academic freedom and the employment of contingent academics

By Linda Muzzin

The recent York University strike by contingent faculty has provided a focal point for discussion in my evening graduate course, “Faculty in […]