Topic: Faculty issues

Canadian professors still face a gender pay gap

My sister and I are both professors. A few years ago, in the wake of the global financial crisis, she faced the possibility of a six per cent pay cut. She joked to me over the phone one night, “What am I going to do — have six per cent fewer thoughts?”


University strikes: can workers fully withdraw labour in the digital age?

Over the past month, industrial action by academics has seen picket lines outide many universities in the UK. Supported by members of the student body and a range of other education workers, academics have stood outside in the cold, encouraging their colleagues to not enter the buildings, and to instead join the strike outside.


Whiteness characterises higher education institutions – so why are we surprised by racism?

Rufaro Chisango, a black student at Nottingham Trent University, tweeted a video of students chanting “we hate the blacks” outside of her […]


University lecturer explains why UK academics are striking over pension cuts

University staff across the UK are striking over changes to their pensions. Academics at 64 universities, who are members of the University […]


Why the web has challenged scientists’ authority – and why they need to adapt

Academia is in the midst of a crisis of relevance. Many Americans are ignoring the conclusions of scientists on a variety of […]


Ensuring equity for LGBTQ Canadians on the road

  Some LGBTQ Canadians who travel for work may purchase an extra laptop or cell phone to ensure no personal photos or […]


Congress 2017: Challenges to the integrity of academic hiring practices

By Cheryl Athersych

During Congress 2017, a session on the Challenges to the Integrity of Academic Hiring Practices in the Corporate University encouraged participants to […]


The university in the populist age

By Steven Tufts and Mark Thomas

Right-wing populism threatens the future of higher education, but remaining passive and retreating to a disinterested vision of the university will actually […]


A populist wake-up call for universities

By Mark Kingwell

For many, universities do not represent opportunity or self-realization, but instead elite self-regard and academic exchanges in which they see no relevance. […]


How faculty can help end sexual violence on campus

By Rebecca Godderis

What role can faculty play in addressing sexual violence on their campuses?