Topic: Faculty

Trending towards inequality: Understanding the role of universities in the rise of contract academic work

By Kimberly Ellis-Hale and Glen Copplestone

The 1990s are key to understanding how Ontario’s postsecondary institutions have systematically entrenched economic inequality between contract and tenure-stream faculty. Even with […]


Identifying the gaps: Reflecting on a career pursuing understanding and equity in academia

By Donald C. Cole

Upon retiring, Professor Donald C. Cole took some time to consider his career at the University of Toronto. In doing so, he […]


The ‘slow professor’ could bring back creativity to our universities

Creative, social and family life should not be banished from the knowledge economy. (Shutterstock) Last summer, a friend gave me a copy […]


Le « slow professor » ou comment retrouver la créativité dans nos universités

Il est temps de pratiquer une certaine dissidence au sein même de l’université. shutterstock L’été dernier, une amie m’a remis le livre […]


Zero-hour contracts take a huge mental and physical toll – poor eating habits, lack of sleep and relationship problems

The number of workers on zero-hours contracts continues to rise in the UK. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimates that between […]


Retirement options for Canadians have changed dramatically

By Thomas Klassen, York University

The plan by the Ontario government to reduce the wages of professors at age 71 illustrates the dramatic changes in the relationship […]


Editorial Matters: A time for action

By Ben Lewis

Ontario’s universities are built on models of scholarship developed in the United Kingdom and western Europe. Founded by and for European settlers, […]


The role of faculty associations following the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

By Lori Campbell, Shannon Dea, and Laura McDonald

As universities take on the work of Indigenization, what role do faculty and faculty associations have in advancing the recommendations of the […]


Casual academics aren’t going anywhere, so what can universities do to ensure learning isn’t affected?

By Dorothy Wardale, Curtin University; Julia Richardson, Curtin University, and Yuliani Suseno, Edith Cowan University

Casual academics provide flexibility for universities at a time when student numbers are uncertain. from More Australian universities are relying on […]