Topic: Free speech and expression rights

The alt-right and the weaponization of free speech on campus

By Jasmin Zine

The free speech debate is being used to normalize hate and bigotry on our campuses. It’s important to understand the threat that […]


Editorial Matters: Something to talk about

By Ben Lewis

Over the past few years, the debate about freedom of speech on university campuses has increased in intensity. Often sparked by high […]


Four fundamental principles for upholding freedom of speech on campus

It goes without saying – or at least it ought to – that freedom of speech should be a core value of universities. As a scholar of freedom of speech and a university academic, it has been gratifying to see so many Vice Chancellors (and a former Chief Justice of the High Court) take it so seriously.


Protecting free speech on campus: A solution in search of a problem

This summer, mere days before the beginning of the semester at most universities in Ontario, Premier Doug Ford announced a new policy requiring “every publicly assisted college and university to develop and publicly post its own free speech policy by January 1, 2019, that meets a minimum standard specified by the government.”


How not to defend free speech

“Newspapers across Europe reprinted cartoons Wednesday ridiculing the prophet Muhammad, saying they wanted to support the right of Danish and Norwegian papers […]


2018 Worldviews Lecture: The challenges of free speech on campus

The Worldviews Lecture is a lively forum to advance mutual understanding of the relationships, challenges, and potential of the academy and media. […]


What you need to know about the new free speech pledge for universities

UK universities may no longer be able to ban controversial speakers from giving talks on campus – those that continue to do so could face a fine. The freedom to debate and discuss difficult topics should remain a central feature of university life, according to the universities minister, Sam Gyimah.


Canada’s university administrators must pay attention to right-wing activism on campuses

By Steven Zhou

The surge in racism on university campuses is part of a broader right-wing awakening across the country. University administrators must counter these […]


Obscuring transparency and silencing dissent

By Root Gorelick

An account of attacks on openness and deliberation by someone at the centre of the governance controversy.


Mentorship Matters: The Case for Graduate Professional Development

By Reinhart Reithmeier & Christopher Kelleher

Today, the majority of PhD graduates will not become university professors. Two reasons for this are glaringly simple: professors are not retiring […]