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A professor speaks to students in a lecture hall.

New Zealand does not offer tenure to academics, but a recent employment dispute shows it’s more than a job perk


Why big university surpluses in Australia underscore the need to reform how they are funded and governed

The election of a new Labor federal government probably drew sighs of relief across the higher education sector. University staff and students […]


Are there ever really ‘financial reasons’ to fire faculty? Laurentian University, academic freedom, and the disciplining of the professoriate

By Honor Brabazon, St. Jerome’s University

The 2020–21 academic year saw two incidents of Ontario professors being effectively fired: the termination of 116 of the 345 professors at […]


2 out of 3 members of Australian university governing bodies have no professional expertise in the sector. There’s the making of a crisis

Shutterstock To say Australian universities are in crisis is to state the obvious. A common narrative suggests the most immediate cause of […]


Mandatory COVID-19 vaccines on university campuses: An obvious solution or a problem?

People line up outside the University of Toronto Mississauga campus for a COVID-19 vaccination clinic in Mississauga, Ont., in May. THE CANADIAN […]


Laurentian University insolvency reflects a structural crisis in Ontario’s neoliberal university system

By David Leadbeater

On February 1 the Laurentian University president and board got what they wanted from Ontario Chief Justice Geoffrey Morawetz: “This Court orders and […]


Public money, private profit: A history of U of T’s MaRS Discovery District

By Chelsea Tao and Mariana Valverde, University of Toronto

It is well known that the University of Toronto (U of T) has historically played an important role in scientific innovation. This […]


With campus co-operatives, universities could model new ways of living after COVID-19

Crises bring renewed interest in co-operatives. (BlackDaffodil/Flickr), CC BY-NC Even before COVID-19, things weren’t going all that well on post-secondary campuses across […]


The academy’s neoliberal response to COVID-19: Why faculty should be wary and how we can push back

By Honor Brabazon

Neoliberal ideology has been restructuring Canadian universities for decades. This influence has been made clear in responses to the pandemic that have […]