Topic: Hiring, promotion, and tenure

Why Tenure Has No Future

By Michael Bliss

Academic tenure as we have known has become largely irrelevant but is so unpopular that it does serious harm to the professoriate […]


The case for tenure

By Michiel Horn

What is it about tenure that gets some people so upset? That it grants certain employees a security not available to others? […]


Seeking tenure? How junior scholars should navigate troubled departmental waters

By Judith Taylor

Universities most often respond to junior faculty members’ concerns about tenure and the tenure process with workshops offering tips and strategies for how to conduct their work lives optimally pre-tenure and how to prepare the best case for winning tenure. While these workshops are helpful, they assume a basic meritocratic structure, uniformity of objectivity, and fairness across departments, an assumption that is more myth than reality.


Environmentalism and the Responsibility of Academia

By David Suzuki

Scientists, especially those in academia, have played an enormous role in the modern environmental movement. From Rachel Carson, Paul Ehrlich and Margaret […]