Topic: International issues and education

Four fundamental principles for upholding freedom of speech on campus

It goes without saying – or at least it ought to – that freedom of speech should be a core value of universities. As a scholar of freedom of speech and a university academic, it has been gratifying to see so many Vice Chancellors (and a former Chief Justice of the High Court) take it so seriously.


We all put too much emphasis on test scores

We live in testing times. We also live in a time of globalization, immigration and the internationalization of schools and universities around the world. Our current obsession with school accountability and student learning outcomes has resulted in the increased use and abuse of test scores — in particular language test scores.


Waking up to the reality of Canadian higher education

By Claire Polster and Sarah Amsler

Higher-education systems in Canada and the United Kingdom share much in common, but there are important differences that faculty on both sides […]


Understanding the United Kingdom’s Teaching Excellence Framework and its implications

By Rob Copeland

The UK’s new metrics-based teaching evaluation framework is methodologically and politically flawed. What will this mean for the country’s universities and faculty? […]


International students and Canada’s future on the right

By Grace Karram Stephenson

Populist and anti-immigrant sentiment in the US and UK means that more international students are coming to study at postsecondary institutions in […]


UK Higher Education wars: Federalism awakens

By Andrew M. Boggs

The seismic shifts in UK higher education policy can be understood through the lenses of federalism, regulation, and isolationism.


Zero-hours contracts and precarious academic work in the UK

By Jonathan White

The University and College Union is fighting back against zero-hour contracts that trap thousands in casualized work.


Organizing against the widening gap in academic job security in Australia

By Jeannie Rea

Precarious academic work is an important issue in Australia, and the National Tertiary Education Union is making it a priority.


Graduate education in the UK: The postgraduate puzzle

By Elizabeth Bell

In the UK, graduate education has taken a backseat to undergraduate learning. But as Elizabeth Bell explains, postgraduate programs there face significant challenges.


The MOOC bubble and the attack on public education

By Aaron Bady

MOOCs are the hot new educational trend, garnering headlines around the world. But the hype conceals a speculative bubble, a gamble where public higher education has everything to lose and business interests have everything to gain.