Topic: Libraries

Contempt for values: The controversy over Library and Archives Canada’s Code of Conduct

By Myron Groover

Library and Archives Canada has introduced a new code of conduct that contains worrying restrictions for its employees. Myron Groover asks how the organization can fulfill its mandate while stifling the ethics and values of the library and archival professions.


The Tweeting Library

By Amy Greenberg

Twitter and other social media tools are a part of everyday life, especially for the current generation of students. In response to this, many libraries have established social media presences through Facebook pages, blogs and Twitter feeds.


Nothing Gold Can Stay

By Nancy McCormack

Lucien X. Polastron, Books on Fire: The Destruction of Libraries Throughout History, translator: Jon E. Graham (Rochester, Vermont: Inner Traditions, 2007); Fernando Baez, A Universal History of the Destruction of Books, translator: Alfred MacAdam (New York: Atlas & Co, 2008).