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Historians’ archival research looks quite different in the digital age

Today, and into the future, consulting archival documents increasingly means reading them on a screen. (Shutterstock) Our society’s historical record is undergoing […]


Are books ready for the dustbin of history?

By Janet Miron and Joan Sangster, faculty members at Trent University

Are books a condition of our labour? Do we need libraries with stacks and physical collections? Recent discussions within libraries across the […]


Contempt for values: The controversy over Library and Archives Canada’s Code of Conduct

By Myron Groover

Library and Archives Canada has introduced a new code of conduct that contains worrying restrictions for its employees. Myron Groover asks how the organization can fulfill its mandate while stifling the ethics and values of the library and archival professions.


Copyright discourse in the academy: Values, policies, and technology

By Tony Horava

The university needs to appreciate better the intertwined relationship between values, policies, and technologies with respect to copyright issues.


Copyright Symbol

Access Copyright: University libraries give up on the copyright go-between

By Nick Falvo

Access Copyright is much like the Blockbuster Video of Canadian university libraries. At one time, it seemed indispensable. Today, it’s almost obsolete.


The Tweeting Library

By Amy Greenberg

Twitter and other social media tools are a part of everyday life, especially for the current generation of students. In response to this, many libraries have established social media presences through Facebook pages, blogs and Twitter feeds.


An old printing press

Reflections on University Press Publishing

By Bill Harnum

Former University of Toronto Press executive Bill Harnum describes the current terrain of scholarly book publishing and looks to the future. There are a number of daunting challenges, he writes, but they can be overcome.


Nothing Gold Can Stay

By Nancy McCormack

Lucien X. Polastron, Books on Fire: The Destruction of Libraries Throughout History, translator: Jon E. Graham (Rochester, Vermont: Inner Traditions, 2007); Fernando Baez, A Universal History of the Destruction of Books, translator: Alfred MacAdam (New York: Atlas & Co, 2008).


Reading Matters: The honeymoon and after

By Nancy McCormack

My own love affair with libraries began, as it surely does for most booklovers, as a child. I was lucky enough to […]