Topic: Online education

The art of good teaching

John Oughton

After I retired from a decade of leading faculty orientations and workshops at Toronto’s Centennial College, I wondered what to do with […]


Want to decolonize education? Where classes are held matters

The grand opening of the redeveloped Merchants Corner in Winnipeg’s North End in April 2018. (University of Winnipeg/Flickr), CC BY-NC-ND Murray Sinclair, […]


Beyond Zoom, Teams and video lectures — what do university students really want from online learning?

Shutterstock As any university student, lecturer or tutor can attest, the pandemic has turned learning and teaching upside down. So it’s important […]


Open letter to my soon-to-be student: Math likely tops the list of things you worry about, but there is good news

Andrijana Burazin, University of Toronto Mississauga, Veselin Jungic, Simon Fraser University, and Miroslav Lovric, McMaster University

Dear Student: Congratulations on accepting our offer! Becoming a university student is an important and exciting milestone in your life, as well […]


Constructing the futures of Canadian universities

Ian Roberge, York University

This article is interested in the futures of Canadian universities. Around the world, much has been written about the futures of universities. […]


Do university students want more online learning, post-pandemic? Here’s what some chose before COVID-19

Pre-pandemic research about courses offered online and in-person found students took online courses selectively and strategically. (Shutterstock) Across Canada, universities are working […]


The problem with online learning? It doesn’t teach people to think

Instead of asking how universities might benefit from shifting courses online permanently, we ought to ask how students might suffer from fewer […]


A university course on pandemics: What we learned when 80 experts, 300 alumni and 600 students showed up

Would anyone want to spend more screen time talking about pandemics? Yes, learned an anthropologist, biologist and historian who developed a course […]


Good riddance to boring lectures? Technology isn’t the answer—understanding good teaching is

Shutterstock With some universities returning to face-to-face teaching this year, ANU Vice Chancellor Brian Schmidt noted that, while his university was one […]


Analog policies in a digital world: How workplace harassment policies need to adapt to an increasingly digital education environment

Jaigris Hodson, Ph.D., Chandell Gosse, Ph.D., and George Veletsianos, Ph.D., Royal Roads University

The COVID-19 pandemic has expedited the transition to digital education Online spaces, such as Twitter for knowledge mobilization and email for communication, […]