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Why do college textbooks cost so much? 7 questions answered

Textbook prices are taking a toll on student finances. alphaspirit/ Editor’s note: The high price of college textbooks has long been a […]


University of California’s break with the biggest academic publisher could shake up scholarly publishing for good

Libraries subscribe digitally to academic journals – and are left with nothing in the stacks when the contract expires. Eric Chan/Flickr, CC […]


All publicly funded research could soon be free for you, the taxpayer, to read

The new ‘Plan S’ initiative focuses on making all publicly funded research immediately fully and freely available by open access publication. from […]


New federal program tackles spiraling costs of college textbooks in U.S.

The new grant program, administered by the U.S. Department of Education, will support the creation or improved use of open textbooks for use at any college and university. Open textbooks are made freely available online by their authors. They can also be changed and combined by instructors who use them in their classes.


Fair access: Strikes the right balance on education and copyright

By Michael Geist

Emerging forms of access to copyrighted works is undermining the value of Access Copyright, argues Professor Michael Geist.


Access Copyright: Addressing the needs and concerns of both creators and users in a changing copyright landscape

By Roanie Levy

Access Copyright has the infrastructure and expertise to best serve universities, says the organization’s Executive Director Roanie Levy.


Open Access and the Public Purse

By Julia M. Wright

Last year, we were introduced to a “Draft Tri-Agency Open Access Policy,” put forward by NSERC and SSHRC to harmonize their requirements […]


Open season on academics: My brush with predatory publishing

By Gary Genosko

One morning I opened my email to find that I had become editor-in-chief of an academic journal. Well, ‘chief editor’ to be […]


The Massive Open Online Professor

By Stephen Carson and Jan Philipp Schmidt

The new open and social technologies may allow academics to have their cake and eat it, too. A professor can be a […]


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Open Access: Promises and Challenges of Scholarship in the Digital Age

By Leslie Chan, University of Toronto Scarborough

The Internet has made Open Access publication – the free distribution of scholarly work – a powerful possibility for scholars, administrators and publishers alike. Leslie Chan takes an in-depth look at the potential benefits, and looming challenges, facing this new approach to knowledge dissemination.