Topic: Participation and enrolment

Expanding graduate programs and renewing the professoriate: What’s the connection?

By Ian D. Clark, David Trick and Richard Van Loon

Does Ontario need to expand its master’s and doctoral programs in order to supply the professors who will teach these additional students? Ian Clark, David Trick and Richard Van Loon argue that in all fields of graduate study, the government should take into account the best available evidence to ensure that the number of graduate spaces is sufficient to meet the needs of the workforce, but not higher.


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Is the Teacher-Researcher Faculty Model Just Too Expensive?

By Ken Snowdon

The authors of Academic Transformation argue the current faculty model of teaching-research is too costly, short-changes students of variety, and relies excessively on part-time faculty. Does their case stand up to scrutiny?


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Knowing Your Undergraduates

By Ken Steele

With career-oriented students seeking variety in their university experiences, universities are diversifying their appeal. The downsides are often talked about, but this evolution could well help universities in regions of population decline survive, while offering students clearer choices among a broader range of educational options.


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Broadening accessibility to postsecondary education in Canada

By Glen A. Jones

Increasing access to postsecondary education is a challenging problem with no easy solutions. But given Canada’s demographics and the rapidly changing nature of our economy, it’s a problem we cannot ignore. We can’t afford to be satisfied with current participation rates while key components of our population are ill-equipped to engage with the emerging social and economic realities of the twenty-first century.


The Impact of Culture on Organizational Decision Making - book cover

Using Culture to Understand How the Academy is Governed

By Bryan Gopaul

William Tierney’s book, The Impact of Culture on Organizational Decision Making (Stylus 2008), discusses the importance of using a cultural lens on the governance of higher education institutions.


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The Big Five Proposal: Why We Shouldn’t Pick Winners

By Nick Falvo

Just over a year ago, a debate emerged in Canada over the so-called “Big Five” proposal for Canadian universities. While it succeeded […]


Selling the Academy Without Selling Out

By Ken Steele

Faculty at Canadian universities are rightly concerned about a number of threats to academic quality and integrity, including the growing ranks of […]