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Universities don’t control the labour market: we shouldn’t fund them like they do

Some people are more employable than others. from From 2020, universities will receive a certain amount of government funding based on […]


Government funding in Australia will be tied to university performance from 2020: what does this mean, and what are the challenges?

“Buildings at University of Sydney – 9”by Ameel Khan is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0  Education minister Dan Tehan met with university […]


Universities: increasingly stressful environments taking psychological toll – here’s what needs to change

By Luca Morini, Coventry University

shutterstock Every year, millions of international students travel to different countries to study at university. This, together with a lack of public […]


Unrealistic striving for academic excellence has a cost

By Tanya Chichekian, Université de Sherbrooke

Skills of well-being have been forgotten partly due to a combination of educational reforms and societal pressures. Unsplash/Oscar Chevillard, CC BY-SA In […]


The abuses and perverse effects of quantitative evaluation in the academy

By Yves Gingras

The world of academic research is scored according to so-called “objective” measures, with an emphasis on publications and citations. But the very […]


Dérives et effets pervers de l’évaluation quantitative de la recherche

By Yves Gingras

Les professeurs et les chercheurs universitaires sont de plus en plus évalués à l’aide de mesures dites « objectives », qui mettent […]


Zen and the Art of Metacognition: Quality-Based Discrimination, Peer Assessment & Technology

By Steve Joordens, Dwayne Pare, Lisa-Marie Collimore & Tim Cheng

In 1974, Robert M. Pirsig wrote a book entitled “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”, within which he provided a philosophical […]


"Academic Callings" - book cover

Chronicles of Faculty Idealism, Disenchantment, and Resistance

By Richard Wellen, York University

A collection of the recollections and analyses of long-service academics, who have faced the disenchantment many academics feel, could be a valuable resource for dialogue on our campuses.


"Policy and Performance in American Higher Education" - book cover

A policy maker’s handbook

By Mary Catharine Lennon

Richardson, R. and Martinez, M., Policy and Performance in American Higher Education: An Examination of Cases Across State Systems (Baltimore, Maryland: The John Hopkins University Press, 2009).