Topic: Performance assessment

Zen and the Art of Metacognition: Quality-Based Discrimination, Peer Assessment & Technology

By Steve Joordens, Dwayne Pare, Lisa-Marie Collimore & Tim Cheng

In 1974, Robert M. Pirsig wrote a book entitled “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”, within which he provided a philosophical […]


"Academic Callings" - book cover

Chronicles of Faculty Idealism, Disenchantment, and Resistance

By Richard Wellen, York University

A collection of the recollections and analyses of long-service academics, who have faced the disenchantment many academics feel, could be a valuable resource for dialogue on our campuses.


"Policy and Performance in American Higher Education" - book cover

A policy maker’s handbook

By Mary Catharine Lennon

Richardson, R. and Martinez, M., Policy and Performance in American Higher Education: An Examination of Cases Across State Systems (Baltimore, Maryland: The John Hopkins University Press, 2009).


University rankings as a marketing tool: READERS BEWARE

By David Scott

The shrill cries of “We’re number one, we’re number one!” ring out every autumn across Canadian university campuses. Normally the reserve of […]


"Whose university is it, anyway?" - book cover

“Whose university is it, anyway?” A question we need to keep asking

By Jennie Hornosty

Whose University Is It, Anyway? Power and Privilege on Gendered Terrain, edited by Anne Wagner, Sandra Acker, and Kimine Mayuzumi (Sumach Press, 2008)