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Good government and Statistics Canada: The need for true independence

By Munir A. Sheikh

The cancellation of the long form census in 2010 raised serious questions about the independence of Statistics Canada. Munir A. Sheik, former Chief Statistician of Canada, argues that Statistics Canada needs to be insulated from political interference to ensure good data and good public policy.


Contempt for values: The controversy over Library and Archives Canada’s Code of Conduct

By Myron Groover

Library and Archives Canada has introduced a new code of conduct that contains worrying restrictions for its employees. Myron Groover asks how the organization can fulfill its mandate while stifling the ethics and values of the library and archival professions.


Harper’s attack on science: No science, no evidence, no truth, no democracy

By Carol Linnitt

Science—and the culture of evidence and inquiry it supports—has a long relationship with democracy. Widely available facts have long served as a […]


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A new minister should offer students a new deal

By Nick Falvo

While the McGuinty government showed interest in post-secondary education in its first term, under Colleges, Training and Universities Minister John Milloy, it’s been coasting in neutral, to put it mildly.


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All students should benefit from innovation

By Nick Falvo

Stephen Harper’s minority government has been making much of its “innovation strategy” in recent months, especially in regard to how it plays out in post-secondary institutions.


Peter Dale Scott

An academic life: Peter Dale Scott

By David MacGregor

Scion of one of Canada’s most noted intellectual families — his father F.R. Scott: poet, founder of the CCF, McGill Dean of […]


Making decisions that endure for decades

By David Trick

Paulo Santiago, Karine Tremblay, Ester Basri and Elena Arnal. Tertiary Education for the Knowledge Society. Volume 1: Special Features: Governance, Funding, Quality; and Volume 2: Special Features: Equity, Innovation, Labour Market, Internationalisation. Paris: OECD, 2008. 728 pages.