Topic: Research and innovation

Editorial Matters: Economics and inequality

By Ben Lewis

It is commonly understood that postsecondary education ought to focus on fostering curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, and vigorous debate, with the goal […]


Healthy research ecosystem—healthy researchers? The researcher as an organism of focus within a research ecosystem

By Michelle L.A. Nelson and Ross Upshur

The academic research environment is changing and researchers report struggling to adapt in order to be successful. Funding shortfalls are perennial, but […]


As public postsecondary funding stagnates, the University of Toronto explores “alternative funding sources”

By Mariana Valverde

Universities increasingly rely on student fees and other alternative funding sources to make up for falling levels of government support, but perhaps […]


When big companies fund academic research, the truth often comes last

Industry funders can go to great lengths to suppress the findings of academic research when it’s not favourable to the company. from […]


Shifting priorities in the new university

By Thomas Klassen, York University

The image of universities composed of mostly full-time tenured professors is long out-of-date. Half of all undergraduate students in Canada, as in […]


Indigenous researchers plant seeds of hope for health and climate

By Hannah Tait Neufeld, Brittany Luby, and Kim Anderson

Indigenous land-based learning provides hands-on opportunities for knowledge development that shift away from Eurocentric forms of education. How can universities use land-based […]


Citizen science can help solve our data crisis

By Tarun Katapally, University of Regina

Citizen science can help address data deficits. Shutterstock A recent news article in the Globe and Mail highlighted Canada’s data crisis and […]


University of California’s break with the biggest academic publisher could shake up scholarly publishing for good

Libraries subscribe digitally to academic journals – and are left with nothing in the stacks when the contract expires. Eric Chan/Flickr, CC […]


All publicly funded research could soon be free for you, the taxpayer, to read

The new ‘Plan S’ initiative focuses on making all publicly funded research immediately fully and freely available by open access publication. from […]


When losing one’s research partner is like losing a part of oneself

“If you want to see Rich alive, now’s the time.” I sucked in air as I read the text from his wife. I knew this was coming. But, I had been hoping for a miracle. I met my friend Richard Thompson at a mental health grant-writing boot camp at Cornell Medical Center almost 20 years ago. We were both young psychologists hoping to learn how to secure federal funding for our own research. Senior scientists, mainly academic psychiatrists, were presenting seven days’ worth of tips and tutorials on what the National Institutes of Health wanted in a scientifically solid and innovative proposal.