"Higher Learning, Greater Good" - book cover

The greater good of higher education


A review of Walter W. McMahon, Higher Learning, Greater Good: The Private and Social Benefits of Higher Education (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009).

"Policy and Performance in American Higher Education" - book cover

A Policy Maker’s Handbook


Richardson, R. and Martinez, M., Policy and Performance in American Higher Education: An Examination of Cases Across State Systems (Baltimore, Maryland: The John Hopkins University Press, 2009).

"Mission and Money - Understanding the University" - book cover

Definitely not for loss


Mission and Money: Understanding the University, by Burton A. Weisbrod, Jeffrey P. Ballou, and Evelyn D. Asch. (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2008)

"The Exchange University" - book cover

Grappling with Academic Capitalism in Canadian Universities


With the academic culture changing and managerialism threatening collegiality, can academics defect from “corporatization’’ by defining their knowledge as a public good? A review of: The Exchange University: Corporatization of Academic Culture Adrienne S. Chan and Donald Fisher, eds. (UBC Press, 2008)

Book covers - "Most College Students are Women" and "The Gender Gap in College"

Equity Within Education


Jeanie K. Allen, Diane R. Dean and Susan D. Bracken, eds., Most College Students are Women: Implications for Teaching, Learning, and Policy (Stylus 2008) and Linda J. Sax, The Gender Gap in College: Maximizing the Developmental Potential of Women and Men (John Wiley &Sons 2008)

Making decisions that endure for decades


Paulo Santiago, Karine Tremblay, Ester Basri and Elena Arnal. Tertiary Education for the Knowledge Society. Volume 1: Special Features: Governance, Funding, Quality; and Volume 2: Special Features: Equity, Innovation, Labour Market, Internationalisation. Paris: OECD, 2008. 728 pages.

Book covers - "Teach them to Challenge Authority" and "Closed Minds?"

Can closed minds challenge authority?


A review of Gregory S. Prince Jr. Teach Them to Challenge Authority: Educating for Healthy Societies. (New York: Continuum, 2008) and Bruce L.R. Smith, Jeremy D. Mayer, and A. Lee. Fritschler, Closed Minds? Politics and Ideology in American Universities (Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution Press, 2008).

"Making and Moving Knowledge" - book cover

Learning about learning


John Sutton Lutz and Barbara Neis , eds. Making and Moving Knowledge: Interdisciplinary and Community-based Research in a World on the Edge (Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2008).

Nothing Gold Can Stay


Lucien X. Polastron, Books on Fire: The Destruction of Libraries Throughout History, translator: Jon E. Graham (Rochester, Vermont: Inner Traditions, 2007); Fernando Baez, A Universal History of the Destruction of Books, translator: Alfred MacAdam (New York: Atlas & Co, 2008).