Topic: Sexual violence

What universities and colleges must do to promote mental health for graduate students

Sara did not expect much to come from her visit to the university’s counseling center, but she was concerned enough about the dark thoughts she’d been having that she decided to go anyway. As she sat in the waiting room after turning in the patient questionnaire, she thought: “It’s probably not a big deal. I’m probably overreacting.” But she wasn’t. After reviewing her screening survey, staff at the counseling center didn’t want her to leave without speaking to a therapist.


University students aren’t reporting sexual assault, and new Australian guidelines don’t address why

Guidelines for how universities should respond to student sexual assault and sexual harassment released late last week fail to address the reason so many students don’t actually report their experiences. Nor do the guidelines, released by Universities Australia, address prevention of student sexual assault and harassment.


Universities must tackle sexual violence on and off campus

A student-led campaign to end sexual violence at universities – Revolt Sexual Assault (RSA) – published the results of a national student […]


It’s never okay: Working together to end sexual violence and harassment on campus

By Premier Kathleen Wynne

The Ontario government has unveiled a new action plan to stop sexual violence and harassment.


Community involvement and government leadership in challenging sexual violence on campus

By Gabrielle Ross-Marquette and Wendy Komiotis

The involvement of community-based organizations such as METRAC was key to the creation of Ontario’s new action plan on sexual violence.


How faculty can help end sexual violence on campus

By Rebecca Godderis

What role can faculty play in addressing sexual violence on their campuses?


Confronting sexual violence: A student activist’s perspective

By Carissa Taylor

A student activist shares her story of working to end sexual violence on campus.


A galvanizing process: Unpacking Ontario’s new postsecondary sexual violence policies

By Dawn Moore

How is Ontario’s new action plan on sexual violence playing out on Ontario campuses?


Illustration of two heads thinking about love and law

Sexual harassment cases on campus: How have labour arbitrators ruled?

By Cynthia Petersen

Labour arbitrators recognize there’s an important social component to academic life, within limits. Labour-side lawyer Cynthia Petersen reviews Canadian arbitral jurisprudence and how arbitrators have decided in thorny cases involving sexual harassment.


Chalboard with a heart and arrow drawn with chalk

Hot for Teacher: Rethinking Education’s Sexual Harassment Policies

By Michelle Miller

Sexual harassment policies assume that teachers have power and students don’t, argues Michelle Miller. Such policies risk outlawing consensual relationships that are “delicious, frightening, unruly” and just might reflect the excitement, even eroticism, of learning.