Topic: Student issues

College students with disabilities are too often excluded

All students need to feel included in order to succeed in college. But when a student has a disability, inclusion can be more difficult to achieve. One study shows students with disabilities participate in fewer extracurricular activities, like clubs or on-campus events, than non-disabled peers.


Educators must commit now to tackle grade inflation

Thousands of students received unsettling news this fall regarding the rigour of their high school grades. They learned that at least one university in Ontario — the University of Waterloo — assesses new engineering applicants partially on the basis of which high school they attended and not solely on their grades.


We all put too much emphasis on test scores

We live in testing times. We also live in a time of globalization, immigration and the internationalization of schools and universities around the world. Our current obsession with school accountability and student learning outcomes has resulted in the increased use and abuse of test scores — in particular language test scores.


Building solidarity on Ontario’s university campuses

By Nour Alideeb

University administrations often seek to advance unpopular agendas by attempting to pit students and faculty against each other. Through campus alliances, we […]


Collecting data from students with students

By Ruth Childs

Gathering data on university students can provide important information about how they interact with the postsecondary education system, but it is also […]


International students and Canada’s future on the right

By Grace Karram Stephenson

Populist and anti-immigrant sentiment in the US and UK means that more international students are coming to study at postsecondary institutions in […]


Congress 2016 Day #1: Climate crisis, student unions, and even more controversy

The team at Academic Matters is always thrilled to attend the Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities, this year in Calgary, […]


OCUFA releases principles for the Ontario university funding formula review

The provincial government has signaled that it intends to review the formula according to which funding is allocated to universities. Over the […]


We Teach Ontario launches student video contest

We Teach Ontario, OCUFA’s campaign highlighting the important connection between teaching and research, has launched a student video contest. The contest offers […]


Life beyond the PhD

By Jennifer Polk

Breaking up with academia is hard to do. But what if your interests lie elsewhere?