Topic: Student issues

Not Another Brick in the Wall: Capitalism and Student Protests in Chile

By Andrés Bernasconi

A few days ago, I visited a high school in a poor urban area in Western Santiago and met with the junior […]


Becoming Prof 2.0

By Melonie Fullick

In October 2010, “So You Want to Get a PhD in the Humanities” was posted on YouTube and began to circulate rapidly […]


Lost in Translation after Graduation?

By Pamela Cushing, Ph.D. & Kimberly Ruiter, B.A., King’s University College at Western University

What students do after leaving the academy can be impressive, surprising, and, as one department found out, useful for universities interested in improving the student experience.


Canada’s most expensive U-Pass: Students deserve what they pay for

By Nick Falvo

Ottawa City Council has voted to increase the cost of the universal student transit pass (the ‘U-Pass’) by almost 25 percent. In return, one would think students deserve better—not worse—service.


Research icons surrounded by cut lines

Cut and Paste Research

By Kane X. Faucher

Research and shopping seem to be converging, as students go to their machines to do “research” at the web’s many info-malls.


Ontario Flag

A new minister should offer students a new deal

By Nick Falvo

While the McGuinty government showed interest in post-secondary education in its first term, under Colleges, Training and Universities Minister John Milloy, it’s been coasting in neutral, to put it mildly.


Student crossing sign with adult sillouettes

Back to school days

By Mark Bernstein

The challenges and joys of the professor-student. At age 51, a neurosurgeon returns to school.


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Knowing Your Undergraduates

By Ken Steele

With career-oriented students seeking variety in their university experiences, universities are diversifying their appeal. The downsides are often talked about, but this evolution could well help universities in regions of population decline survive, while offering students clearer choices among a broader range of educational options.