Topic: Teaching and learning

What happened to the issue of postsecondary education?

By André Turcotte and Heather Scott-Marshall

Postsecondary education is an issue that affects a majority of Ontarians, but it does not often feature prominently in provincial elections. How […]


Navigating racism: Black graduate students need support

I have mixed feelings about my experiences in graduate school. As a Black, first-generation Canadian and the first in my family to become a doctoral student, I did not understand the culture of the academy. If I knew then what I know now as an Adjunct Professor teaching part time, I might have made different choices.


Can we really teach ‘Indigenizing’ courses online?

On April 16, Canadians — and internet users around the world — have the opportunity to participate in “Indigenous Canada,” a Massive […]


Stop treating students like customers and start working with them as partners in learning

  Students and lecturers at the University of Queensland researching ‘students as partners’ activities across Australian universities. The University of Queensland University […]


New federal program tackles spiraling costs of college textbooks in U.S.

The new grant program, administered by the U.S. Department of Education, will support the creation or improved use of open textbooks for use at any college and university. Open textbooks are made freely available online by their authors. They can also be changed and combined by instructors who use them in their classes.


University strikes: can workers fully withdraw labour in the digital age?

Over the past month, industrial action by academics has seen picket lines outide many universities in the UK. Supported by members of the student body and a range of other education workers, academics have stood outside in the cold, encouraging their colleagues to not enter the buildings, and to instead join the strike outside.


Why the web has challenged scientists’ authority – and why they need to adapt

Academia is in the midst of a crisis of relevance. Many Americans are ignoring the conclusions of scientists on a variety of […]


Why learning from experience is the educational wave of the future

The university experience has changed. It used to be enough for students to spend four years working hard on assignments, labs and […]


Are books ready for the dustbin of history?

By Janet Miron and Joan Sangster, faculty members at Trent University

Are books a condition of our labour? Do we need libraries with stacks and physical collections? Recent discussions within libraries across the […]


Community on campus: A partner-ship for a more inclusive university

By Stuart Kamenetsky and Christina Dimakos

An innovative program at the University of Toronto Mississauga allows individuals with intellectual disabilities to experience university life.