Topic: Teaching and learning

Why not have mandatory “toolbox” training?

In a recent meeting with a number of teaching-minded colleagues, one made what – to me – sounded like a rather innocent […]


Zen and the Art of Metacognition: Quality-Based Discrimination, Peer Assessment & Technology

By Steve Joordens, Dwayne Pare, Lisa-Marie Collimore & Tim Cheng

In 1974, Robert M. Pirsig wrote a book entitled “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”, within which he provided a philosophical […]


Ten Things About Your Course Syllabus

By Bonnie Kaserman

Yes, obviously, you need to put your office hours, due dates, and course readings & assignments. Here are ten other things to consider.


The ‘digital native’ rhetoric: A Trojan Horse of neo-liberalism?

By Jim Côté

The evidence simply is not there for the claims that a new generation of tech-savvy students require pedagogies based on new technologies like clickers, podcasts, and online courses.


Hands creating a frame for an ocean and sky scene

Lost horizons

By Ronald Glasberg

Just what is the big picture perspective on knowledge, what is its value, and how is this perspective restored for students?


Thoughtful young man

You Can Lead Students To Knowledge, But How Do You Make Them Think?

By Steve Joordens

The psychological defences students have get in the way of learning critical thought. How can university teachers encourage student to confront these defenses?


Student crossing sign with adult sillouettes

Back to school days

By Mark Bernstein

The challenges and joys of the professor-student. At age 51, a neurosurgeon returns to school.


A woman painting

My year as a grade 12 student

By Aqua Marine

With baby boomers now planning retirement, education in the “third age” will continue to expand. Teachers will need better preparation to meet the learning needs of older adults, but university departments that specialize in adult education have been under threat since the 1990s.


Man upset with the stacks of paper work surrounding him

A time to teach: Reflections upon pedagogy in the life of a graduate student

By Kevin Carey

Does the dearth of pedagogical training and awareness and too-heavy overburdened workloads contribute to culture of “antipedagogy” on campus?


University classroom

The promises and potential of the scholarship of teaching and learning: moving slowly along a fascinating path

By Gary Poole

Research into teaching and learning might confirm that some widely-used pedagogies are not effective. For some, it might seem better just not to go there.