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5 ways to keep human connections when moving learning online due to coronavirus

Human connections and meaningful interactions are an essential part of the learning process, especially online. (Shutterstock) Universities across Canada and the world […]


Coronavirus pushes universities to switch to online classes — but are they ready?

Universities and colleges cancelling in-person classes will need more than technology to have the capacity to offer flexible education. (Shutterstock) In light […]


Lecture recordings mean fewer students are turning up – does it matter?

Shutterstock In 2017, a business lecturer posted a photo on LinkedIn showing a completely empty university classroom, 15 minutes after the class […]


Why do college textbooks cost so much? 7 questions answered

Textbook prices are taking a toll on student finances. alphaspirit/ Editor’s note: The high price of college textbooks has long been a […]


Historians’ archival research looks quite different in the digital age

Today, and into the future, consulting archival documents increasingly means reading them on a screen. (Shutterstock) Our society’s historical record is undergoing […]


Citizen science can help solve our data crisis

By Tarun Katapally, University of Regina

Citizen science can help address data deficits. Shutterstock A recent news article in the Globe and Mail highlighted Canada’s data crisis and […]


How playful design is transforming university education

A group of 25 interns sit at Baycrest Health Sciences, a research centre for aging in Canada, their eyes glued to their smart phones. They are playing SOS — an award-winning game that simulates real-world gerontology practice — where they compete with other students to earn virtual currency. Across town, a group of professors sit around a table at George Brown College, designing a role-playing game with a virtual hospital called The Grid, based on a Matrix-like theme of saving the world from ignorance, for an accredited program in health sciences. Yet another team of game programmers are hard at work at Humber College, building a virtual reality experience of a subway car after a bomb incident. Players wear goggles, moving from person to person, saving some and tagging others for care later on.


Why the web has challenged scientists’ authority – and why they need to adapt

Academia is in the midst of a crisis of relevance. Many Americans are ignoring the conclusions of scientists on a variety of […]


Here’s how Canada can be a global leader in ethical AI

Canada’s research expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) has led to significant recent investment. But far fewer resources have been dedicated to the governance, ethics or social responsibilities of this new technology, leaving many different local initiatives to try to fill the gap.


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Academic Attention Deficit Disorder

By David Smith

At conferences I sit at the back of the room. I’m a people watcher, and from the back I can observe the […]