Topic: Technology

Zen and the Art of Metacognition: Quality-Based Discrimination, Peer Assessment & Technology

By Steve Joordens, Dwayne Pare, Lisa-Marie Collimore & Tim Cheng

In 1974, Robert M. Pirsig wrote a book entitled “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”, within which he provided a philosophical […]


Take Your Online Teaching to the Next Level

By Camille Rutherford

Whether you are teaching a blended course (where a significant portion of the course takes place online) or have been using your […]


Copyright discourse in the academy: Values, policies, and technology

By Tony Horava

The university needs to appreciate better the intertwined relationship between values, policies, and technologies with respect to copyright issues.


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Living Publicly on Campus: Social Media and Its Discontents

By Martin Hand

There’s little point in adopting a reactionary approach to the pervasive use of social media on campus. Members of the university community are deciding how social media works on campus, and they will work through the problems as they arise.


Mobile Learning in the 21st Century

By Camille Rutherford

Cheap and ubiquitous technological resources have reshaped our geopolitical and economic realities, by providing individuals with almost instant access to the collective knowledge of humankind


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Cut and Paste Research

By Kane X. Faucher

Research and shopping seem to be converging, as students go to their machines to do “research” at the web’s many info-malls.


Technology Enhanced Meetings

By Camille Rutherford

As we move closer to the end of the academic year, many professors are also transitioning into the season of meetings. Instead of putting the tech tools that have become an essential part of university learning away, professors should consider using these resources outside of class. Just as many instructional technologies have been used to engage students, they can also be used before, during, and after faculty meetings to engage colleagues and make meetings more efficient and effective.


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Bridging the Digital Divide

By Joan Flaherty

A Non-Technical Approach to the Use of New Technology in Post-Secondary Teaching and Learning.


"Piracy" - book cover

Against a sea of troubles

By Nancy McCormack

Piracy has been a scourge from the earliest days of the printing press, but are today’s cures worse than the disease? A review essay of Adrian Johns’ Piracy: The Intellectual Property Wars from Gutenberg to Gates (University of Chicago Press, 2010). Piracy has been a scourge from the earliest days of the printing press, but are today’s cures worse than the disease?