Topic: Tuition and student fees

With campus co-operatives, universities could model new ways of living after COVID-19

Crises bring renewed interest in co-operatives. (BlackDaffodil/Flickr), CC BY-NC Even before COVID-19, things weren’t going all that well on post-secondary campuses across […]


The academy’s neoliberal response to COVID-19: Why faculty should be wary and how we can push back

Honor Brabazon

Neoliberal ideology has been restructuring Canadian universities for decades. This influence has been made clear in responses to the pandemic that have […]


How universities can support Indigenous online learners in the COVID-19 pandemic

Indigenous people with experience guiding culturally safe talking circles in an online environment can work with students to nurture safe virtual spaces. […]


What’s the purpose of university? Your answer may depend on how much it costs you The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the university sector under greater scrutiny. In some cases, this has prompted new conversations about the […]


“And some, I assume, are good people”: US international student recruitment and neo-racist nativism

Dale Kirby, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of international students enrolled at Canadian colleges and universities had steadily increased in recent years. […]


Students facing challenges coping with online education during the pandemic

Chantelle Cruzat-Whervin

For those attending and teaching post-secondary education, there has been significant adaptation required during the pandemic. With classes over videoconference being the […]


How wage theft and casual work are built into Australian university business models

The COVID crisis has exposed the destructive consequences of an over-reliance on casual labour across the economy. Australian universities provide one of […]


Low funding for universities puts students at risk for cycles of poverty, especially in the wake of COVID-19

Particularly during an economic crisis, graduating from university should not sentence students to a lifetime of debt. (Shutterstock) Postsecondary education has consistently […]


The neoliberal non-performance of consultation: Missing democracy and transparency at the University of Toronto

Asmita Bhutani, Efrat Gold, Diana M. Barrero Jaramillo, and Ian Tian, University of Toronto

The University of Toronto has long been criticized for its general conservatism and lack of transparency; this story is almost as old […]


Drop tuition fees: University students face a precarious future amid COVID-19

A man on a skateboard and a young woman pass large letters spelling out UBC at the University of British Columbia in […]