Last week, we published an article by Leo Groarke and Beverley Hamilton on program prioritization. For the uninitiated, program prioritization is a process – now much in vogue at Ontario’s universities – for ranking academic and non-academic programs for the purposes of directing resources. Some have called it a “rank n’ yank” process, where programs deemed to be under-performing are slated for cuts or outright elimination. Suffice it to say, program prioritization is controversial.

Not surprisingly, Leo and Beverley’s article has generated a huge response. Dozens of share on Twitter and Facebook, a mention in the HESA “One Thought” Blog, and coverage in Academica Top 10. But we don’t want the conversation to end there. What do you think about program prioritization? Is it happening on your campus? Has it already happened? Please leave your thoughts in the comments. Or, if you’d like to submit something longer, please get in touch with your pitch or submission.

One way or another, program prioritization will leave its mark on universities in Ontario, Canada, and around the world. Let’s talk about it.