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So Where’s the Literature Review?

Ann Rauhala

Ann Rauhala, a former journalist now teaching at Ryerson University, says the worlds of academe and journalism are not quite the two solitudes they seem.


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Intellectuals and Democracy

Mark Kingwell

What’s an education for? Philosopher Mark Kingwell analyzes our era’s market-utility responses to this question. He argues, however, that education is about making us better and more engaged citizens, perhaps even better people.


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The Globalization of Higher Education Media: Where Is It Headed?

Karen MacGregor

In an era of globalization, we need to improve global reporting, argues University World News Editor Karen MacGregor. Will this require more collaboration between higher education and higher education media?


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Cut and Paste Research

Kane X. Faucher

Research and shopping seem to be converging, as students go to their machines to do “research” at the web’s many info-malls.


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Humour Matters – The dangers of LPS (Long-term Professor Syndrome)

Steve Penfold

I knew I was in trouble when I considered becoming a public intellectual. Maybe it was all those university seminars on media […]