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Editorial Matters: The slow erosion of public university funding

Ontario’s public universities are vital institutions that deliver education to thousands of students, produce thought-provoking and groundbreaking research, and provide good jobs that support many diverse communities. The province’s vibrant and renowned public postsecondary education system has been evolving for over a century. Core to its development has been a foundation of robust public funding […]

The case for publicly funded universities

Ontario’s universities are important public spaces that depend on robust public funding to thrive. When the structure of the funding model changes, how does that impact the fundamental mandate of the university? Universities are complex public systems embedded in the heart of our communities. By sheer size, they can be larger than smaller municipalities, have […]

It’s time to invest in a faculty renewal strategy for Ontario’s universities

For years, full-time faculty hiring has stagnated at Ontario’s universities, even as student enrolment has increased dramatically. It’s time for the government to invest in a robust faculty renewal strategy. Public funding is foundational for a postsecondary system that provides accessible, quality education to students from all socioeconomic backgrounds. While recent efforts have increased accessibility […]

What might the 2018 Ontario Budget mean for university faculty?

Given the upcoming election, it is widely understood that the 2018 Ontario Budget is as much a campaign platform document as a budget. While the continued implementation of reforms to student assistance are expected to further improve access for students, faculty are concerned that operating funding for universities remains stagnant, threatening the high-quality education students […]

The public value of public funding for research

Basic, curiosity-driven research continues to take a backseat to privately and publicly funded research linked to short-term commercial profit. We must push back against this trend and reinvest in the core mission of the university. What machine has changed social life more than the networked computer? If we could go back in history to the […]

What happened to the issue of postsecondary education?

Postsecondary education is an issue that affects a majority of Ontarians, but it does not often feature prominently in provincial elections. How might this issue be pushed onto the election agenda? Education is an issue that affects a majority of Ontarians. Whether you are a parent with school-aged kids, a student currently enrolled in a […]

Building Solidarity on Ontario’s university campuses

University administrations often seek to advance unpopular agendas by attempting to pit students and faculty against each other. Through campus alliances, we can develop stronger relationships that bolster our ability to advance our own priorities. Awakening The CUPE 3902 strike in March of 2015 at the University of Toronto was my first exposure to some […]

2018 Worldviews Lecture: The challenges of free speech on campus

The Worldviews Lecture is a lively forum to advance mutual understanding of the relationships, challenges, and potential of the academy and media. At this year’s Worldviews Lecture, Professor Sigal Ben-Porath addressed the increasingly heightened debate around free speech on campus. Her lecture was followed by a panel discussion that explored challenges for democratic values and […]

Humour Matters: It’s time to make meaningless words great again

When it comes to humour about public funding, there really is no way to compete with reality. The last time the basic funding model for Ontario universities was changed, the Maple Leafs were winning Stanley Cups. Read that sentence again—the Maple Leafs were winning Stanley Cups. Unless you are a scholar of ancient history, you’ll […]