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Knowing Your Undergraduates

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With career-oriented students seeking variety in their university experiences, universities are diversifying their appeal. The downsides are often talked about, but this evolution could well help universities in regions of population decline survive, while offering students clearer choices among a broader range of educational options.

Humour Matters – Plagiarism: How about a Canada Research Chair in Surveillance?

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By now, students probably think all my courses are about plagiarism. I seem to talk about it constantly: reviewing its definition, enumerating its many versions, and warning of the pernicious consequences of doing “It”. Legalistic warnings take up almost as much space on my syllabi as the list of lecture topics or tutorial readings. Every […]

Editorial Matters – Understanding University Students

“Who are today’s university students?” The answer to that question is not so neatly encapsulated in a simple response. Ken Steele notes in the lead article of this issue that students are a diverse group looking for variety of university experiences. They differ regionally, demographically, and by expectation and motivation. They are ethnically diverse. They […]