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Université de l’Ontario français: a 21st-century university

By Marc L. Johnson, Francophone Hub of Knowledge and Innovation

Ontario’s French community has been asking for a university governed by and for Francophones. Even without the support of the Ontario government, […]


Healthy research ecosystem – healthy researchers? The researcher as an organism of focus within a ‘research ecosystem’

By Michelle L.A. Nelson and Ross Upshur

The academic research environment is changing and researchers report struggling to adapt in order to be successful. Funding shortfalls are perennial, but […]


University funding in Ontario and the implications of the new performance-based funding model, a discussion

By Ben Lewis

This past spring, faculty from across Ontario gathered in Toronto for the OCUFA Policy Exchange. The conference was organized to help set […]


Are books ready for the dustbin of history?

By Janet Miron and Joan Sangster, faculty members at Trent University

Are books a condition of our labour? Do we need libraries with stacks and physical collections? Recent discussions within libraries across the […]


Mentorship Matters: The Case for Graduate Professional Development

By Reinhart Reithmeier & Christopher Kelleher

Today, the majority of PhD graduates will not become university professors. Two reasons for this are glaringly simple: professors are not retiring […]


Performance funding: The burden of proof

By Graeme Stewart

When a policy is proposed, the burden of proof lies with the people making the proposal. They need to explain why the […]


Open Access and the Public Purse

By Julia M. Wright

Last year, we were introduced to a “Draft Tri-Agency Open Access Policy,” put forward by NSERC and SSHRC to harmonize their requirements […]


Open season on academics: My brush with predatory publishing

By Gary Genosko

One morning I opened my email to find that I had become editor-in-chief of an academic journal. Well, ‘chief editor’ to be […]


Academic Research vs. Political Propaganda: Lessons from the Fraser Institute’s Study of Minority-Language Education

By Edmund A. Aunger

In 2012 the Fraser Institute published a 138-page study entitled Official Language Policies of the Canadian Provinces: Costs and Benefits in 2006 […]


Doing the PPP: A skeptical perspective

By Leo Groarke and Beverley Hamilton

So-called “program prioritization processes” have been a hot topic at American and Ontario universities. But as Leo Groarke and Beverley Hamilton argue, the cost of PPP is much higher than many administrators realize.