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University funding in Ontario and the implications of the new performance-based funding model, a discussion

By Ben Lewis

This past spring, faculty from across Ontario gathered in Toronto for the OCUFA Policy Exchange. The conference was organized to help set […]


Open season on academics: My brush with predatory publishing

By Gary Genosko

One morning I opened my email to find that I had become editor-in-chief of an academic journal. Well, ‘chief editor’ to be […]


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Academic Attention Deficit Disorder

By David Smith

At conferences I sit at the back of the room. I’m a people watcher, and from the back I can observe the […]


Are the Stars Aligned? Will Canada finally create an international education strategy?

By Roopa Desai Trilokekar & Glen A. Jones

In its 2011 budget, the Government of Canada announced an allocation of $10 million over a two year period for the development […]


The Myth of the Academic Generation Gap: Comparing Junior and Senior Faculty in Canada’s Universities

By Julian Weinrib and Glen Jones

It is commonly assumed that junior (pre-tenure) professors work much harder and have lower levels of job satisfaction than their more senior […]


Coursera co-founder Daphne Koller

Coursera, or Socrates was not a Content Provider: The University of Toronto and Coursera Agreement

By Craig Butosi

The Globe and Mail reported recently that the University of Toronto was the latest signatory to an agreement with Coursera, a Web-based […]


Lost in Translation after Graduation?

By Pamela Cushing, Ph.D. & Kimberly Ruiter, B.A., King’s University College at Western University

What students do after leaving the academy can be impressive, surprising, and, as one department found out, useful for universities interested in improving the student experience.


Copyright Discourse in the Academy: Values, Policies, and Technology

By Tony Horava

The university needs to appreciate better the intertwined relationship between values, policies, and technologies with respect to copyright issues.


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Access Copyright: University Libraries Give Up On The Copyright Go-between

By Nick Falvo

Access Copyright is much like the Blockbuster Video of Canadian university libraries. At one time, it seemed indispensable. Today, it’s almost obsolete.


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Lost horizons

By Ronald Glasberg

Just what is the big picture perspective on knowledge, what is its value, and how is this perspective restored for students?