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Access Copyright: University libraries give up on the copyright go-between

By Nick Falvo

Access Copyright is much like the Blockbuster Video of Canadian university libraries. At one time, it seemed indispensable. Today, it’s almost obsolete.


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Lost horizons

By Ronald Glasberg

Just what is the big picture perspective on knowledge, what is its value, and how is this perspective restored for students?


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My year as a grade 12 student

By Aqua Marine

With baby boomers now planning retirement, education in the “third age” will continue to expand. Teachers will need better preparation to meet the learning needs of older adults, but university departments that specialize in adult education have been under threat since the 1990s.


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The pathway college concept

By Nick Falvo

One more step towards corporatizing our universities


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Broadening accessibility to postsecondary education in Canada

By Glen A. Jones

Increasing access to postsecondary education is a challenging problem with no easy solutions. But given Canada’s demographics and the rapidly changing nature of our economy, it’s a problem we cannot ignore. We can’t afford to be satisfied with current participation rates while key components of our population are ill-equipped to engage with the emerging social and economic realities of the twenty-first century.


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Considering a career in academia? Here are some (observed) realities

By Christina Skorobohacz

Thinking about becoming an academic? A graduate student and aspiring academic reflects on a semester-long internship shadowing an assistant professor. Anyone contemplating an academic career will find this reflection of particular interest.


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All students should benefit from innovation

By Nick Falvo

Stephen Harper’s minority government has been making much of its “innovation strategy” in recent months, especially in regard to how it plays out in post-secondary institutions.


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A time to teach: Reflections upon pedagogy in the life of a graduate student

By Kevin Carey

Does the dearth of pedagogical training and awareness and too-heavy overburdened workloads contribute to culture of “antipedagogy” on campus?


Ann Coulter

Guilty: Student Victims and Ann Coulter’s Assault on the University of Western Ontario

By Craig Butosi

Shortly after her visit to the University of Western Ontario, media outlets began to document the more controversial aspects of Ann Coulter.